Sunday, January 31, 2010


had such a fun day today with my hubby....

this is one of my absolute favorite songs by Fleetwood Mac although this version is sung by Eva Cassidy. (may want to pause my playlist before playing the video...)

"cuz i feel that when i'm with's alright....
i KNOW it's right."

counting my blessings about you??



  1. Lovely! I've had a great day too, hanging out with my soulmate... ive been creating all day long, covering myself in glue and cutting up paper....sun has been shining and its just been one of those yummy days...Wishing all of us more yummy days. :-)

  2. Love fleetwood mac, although Im more of a stevie girl myself :)

  3. Well it sounds like you and your husband had a fabulous day wonderful! Thanks so much for visiting my blog...It has been fun browsing over here too!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie


i heart love notes....