Saturday, January 2, 2010


my holiday break is coming to a close....funny how i feel the bitter sweetness of it. i am sad that the spontaneity of being on vacation with the kids is leaving but happy that schedule and routine are right around the corner!!! i know, i know...what the heck?!?! everyone that has ever known me, knows that i like it a little sweet and a little sour....likes to have the black and the white....and i am DONE trying to figure that side of me out...NOT!!! ; )
i spent my new years eve with my 4 babies, darling hubby, yummy lasagna (made by my yummy italian hubby), red wine and of course a champagne toast at midnight! it was quiet...and it was GOOD!!! now i am ready to bring on 2010...just a couple of days behind everyone else!!!

after reading this post on my sweet friend Gloria's blog...i felt compelled and challenged to find MY "word" for this year. I thought about it, slept on it and kept seeing this word and feeling it come up in my throat over and over. NURTURE. Yup. Nurture. is. my. word. I want to nurture my children, nurture my husband and our relationship, nurture myself (my heart, mind and soul), nurture those close to me and those i don't even know yet, nurture my creative side, nurture my vulnerable side, nurture all the facets that make each one of my children the unique little souls that they are, nurture all the "shoulds" that creep into my mind... analyze them, deal with them and put them in their proper place, nurture the relationships i have somewhat neglected over the years, nurture the most important relationship there is...mine with me! NURTURE AWAY IN 2010!!
So... What is your word??? Tell me all about it!! I want to know!!! loves to you all! xxooxxoo


  1. Happy New Year!! I am so much like you - I've enjoyed the time Daniel has been home from teaching, enjoyed the holidays, living into the day, doing whatever strikes our fancy, but now, we are both ready for the routine again. It's nice to have some of both!

    Love your word for the year! A good one for all of us to remember!! Hugs, Silke

  2. Beautiful post my dear friend. I love your word. I think 2010 will be your year. I'm just so excited for all of us to be on this journey together and our friendship and love for one another is very nurturing. My word...hum, Last year it was BLISS, this year I'm thinking Goddess. Weird, huh? But I think I want to nurture the Goddess within and not be afraid of being a beautiful Goddess and making others feel like on too!
    Take care and let me know if you need help creating your banner for your Etsy store. I just made one for my friend Cheryl's new shop! Take a look- I think you type in NanasHatShop under sellers!! Let me know if you can't find it. Once she gets a lot listed you will love to have a look at all her cute stuff!
    Hugs and love to you my dear friend!

  3. I love this post! Wish you all the best for 2010! Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog!!
    By the way, I’m hosting a fabulous giveaway! Come visit my blog for details :)
    Have a lovely day!
    ❉ ✿ ✿ ❉

  4. Koll...Love ya girl. Have been feeling a bit of the blues lately but am back in the thick of things for now anyway! This is the sweetest post you have here...HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your lovely family. I will think on my word and get back to you....xoxo always C

  5. cul*ti*vate
    i didn't have any time to devote to this word in 2009.
    it barely came to the surface and then the year ended so i am going to consider the last few months as a "intro" and 2010 in my year to CUL*TI*VATE all the wonderful, yummy good things in my life.
    of which you are one!
    love and kisses to you my dear.

  6. joy :)

    I am so glad that part of nurture for you will be nurturing yourself. You deserve it.

    much love!


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