Sunday, January 22, 2012

....sunday stirrings

hoping you all had a peaceful, blissful, 
"whatever you may have needed" 
type of weekend.  

here is what stirred my soul this past week....

these encouraging words ... courtesy of pinterest

this book FULL of so much yumminess from some
truly amazing women whom i admire.

this awesome article by my 
"parenthood, will ferrell, bob marley loving, amazeballs artist" friend Kelly Barton...
who continues to inspire me EVERY DAY with her SHINE!
(check her out in the latest Somerset Studio Mag)

carving out time to finger paint!

"going under the flap" for the winter session
of SOUL LODGE.  so good for my soul.
thank you to the wise and beautiful Pixie Campbell 
for guiding us through.


this song ... their voices together are so beautiful.

hoping you will share what stirred your soul this week.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

on wednesdays and thursdays each week i 
head to the hospital to do volunteer work 
for the program Art for Healing.
i feel so blessed to be able to do this each week ... 
to hopefully make a patient smile, create something with them, laugh, let them know they are seen and heard, 
bring a sense of calm and release from whatever 
has landed them in that hospital bed.
i have had countless patients say things to me 
that will stay with me forever, 
lessons they may have learned, 
realizations they have had.
and i myself have had many realizations 
in my time spent there...  
i have realized as i go from room to room 
in the hospital how easy it is to take
our health for granted.
  i have realized that truly our health is one 
THEE single most important things.   
i have realized that all the material things of this world 
have very little, if no meaning, 
when you are lying in a hospital bed.  
i have realized vanity goes out the door when all 
we want to do is feel better.  
i have realized that if we do not have our health 
we truly cannot enjoy those we love and 
love the way we would like in return.  
i have realized life is short ... 
we never know from one day to the next 
what this life may bring our way.  

i truly have new perspective and a much 
deeper level of gratitude for each day that i wake up 
feeling healthy, no aches, no pains, no sickness.

please share with me ... what have you realized lately?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

say whaaaaaaat wednesday??

happy wednesday friends...
i don't know about you guys but i am struggling a bit
getting back into the groove ... back into "routine"...

so today i would love to know...

what made you happy today??

for me ... many things did, 
but this song in particular worked for me.

i hope you take a listen.

"when the night feels my song,
i'll be home, i'll be home."


Sunday, January 8, 2012

...sunday stirrings

each sunday i am going to try to post about a 
few things that stirred my soul this week...
things that moved me. 
making it a time to reflect on what 
brought me smiles, tears, laughter, inspiration, 
deep thought, movement ... love.

the older i get ... every day, i realize this more and more.

vision board i created at a workshop...
really focusing in on my 2012 word
LIBERATE ... such a great exercise ... 
was lost in it.

dinner date with friends ... good conversation,
laughter, love.
(gotta love the silly nose picker!)

this song ... the entire CD ...

walking here ... mama ocean always 
soothes ... always seems to stir things within.

holding this sweet little girl ... she
made my heart burst.
(nope...she's not mine...i already have two big boys...
she's a friends ... her name is Envy)

just a taste of what stirred me this week ...
what caused that for you??


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


....this year it didn't come quite as easily to me as last year's did.
THEE WORD .... the word to carry me through 2012...
the word i would lean on, hold gently, place in my pocket.
 i thought and thought ... pondered ... 
did alot of reading ... to see if anything jumped out at me,
 truly resonated with what i want this year to represent ... 
what i want to carry with me throughout the next 12 months ...

 and then some.

after a long walk on the beach yesterday, 
listening to the pounding of the waves .... it came to me.  
it nestled into my heart and jumped into my pocket.


liberate - grant freedom to; free from confinement
set free

free, release, rescue, save, deliver, discharge,
redeem, let out, set free, let loose, untie, emancipate,
unchain, unbind, manumit

so i am ready .... 
ready to liberate from:

any chains that are bound around me
carrying the burden of other people's choices and actions
things i cannot control
worry about what others think of me
unnecessary expectations of myself and others
worry that if i do it ... it could be all wrong
prejudices, negative thoughts, the gremlins
worry of "not being good enough"
all the "shoulds" that i lug around day to day...

....i could go on and on

but i am doing it ...

i am liberating baby!!!!!

wanna join me?!?!