Monday, January 25, 2010


(clearing i am working on to honor my list for the Mondo Beyondo course i have been taking...almost finished with it...i will definitely be sharing more regarding all of this)

i had trouble today just picking one song so i decided to pick two...

the first one was sung on the Hope for Haiti Now telethon that aired Friday. There were so many amazing musical acts but THIS one...definitely my favorite...WOW! This song is one of my favorites and their version is just beautiful.

here is today's 2nd cute is she?!?!

here are the lyrics...

"A change-your-life-forever-tune
If a song could get me you"

yesterday i thoroughly enjoyed this yummy, yummy dish!! one of my absolute favs...not only is it really healthy, look how PRETTY it is!! ever since my husband and i did our detox/cleanse we have really been trying to eat much more consciously and certainly more healthily (is that a word...???) i cannot tell you how much better i feel in simply changing some eating patterns!
my contribution to our weekend was this delicious chocolate cake with cool whip....but this just isn't your ordinary chocolate cake. it is made WITHOUT eggs, WITHOUT milk....and still just as good!! the only ingredients in this cake are the cake mix (chocolate fudge) and a can of diet coke and/or diet pepsi. yup...that is it!!!! easy, peasy which is the way i choose to bake and to cook!!! my kids gobbled it up!

i hope you all had a wonder-ful weekend. i am having "one of those" Mondays and am hoping it will get better!!!



  1. one of THOSE mondays?
    i MUST call you and lift you up!
    i liked this song. she IS cute isn't she.
    makes me think i might want to cut some bangs.
    i am looking forward to seeing your mondo beyondo list my lovely.
    love you!

  2. MMMmmm that dish with the cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. looks yummy--I crave anything I can put SALT on!!

    I read your "serious side" post and I like it a lot. I think you are just trying to say that you all love your dear Chandler unconditionally and he is happy because that is all he really needs to know! I imagine he gets frustrated with certain things, but ALL teenagers do, they just might be less likely to express it in the same honest way he does! The main thing is that he feels supported and loved and I am sure is does. I read a book recently called "Look Me in the Eye" written by John Elder Robison. The author was finally diagnosed with Asbergers when he was in his 40's. It was sad how unsupportive his family was when he was growing up--they just didn't understand at all. It is interesting to read how he felt and how he learned to "say the right things to look normal" even though he didn't feel them. He did eventually find his niche with electronics and was quite talented with them (even did pyrotecniques for the rock band KISS) I bet Chandler will find something that he enjoys doing with his life and lucky for him you will all be there to cheer him on and support him!

  3. YES! - I am a HUGE Leonard Cohen fan and have always loved Hallelujah and also Jason Castro's version on American Idol. Love the other song too - not familiar with her. I swear, you find the BEST music!! Yum, yum to those gorgeous veggies - good for you, setting such a great example for your kiddos!! And finally, yes, you should get another doggy!! XOXO

  4. Ok, I'm intrigued... that cake looks yummy!

  5. I love the song Hallelujah also, one of my all time favorite versions is by Kady sp? Lang...she sings it hauntingly beautiful. is that a cucumber, tomato salad?? I make something like that too and I love it :) lets share recipes :) also that cake looks soo good, now about that :) besos, Rose


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