Wednesday, January 6, 2010



Today I want to know this...what ONE thing is a "must do" for you in 2010??

me...well to be completely honest it is to make it through the next 3 days of this cleanse/detox!!! i know that is kind of a lame answer but it is getting more and more challenging my friends!! so i will write more through out this year on "must do's" once i start this next week!
i also was the proud recipient of an award from this sexy, amazing, talented goddess! She is oozing with so much talent...go see her beautiful jewelry and paintings!! I was lucky enough to get one of her necklaces imprinted with the word "artist" and I cherish it and the friendship we have begun!! Thank you so much Kelly for passing this award on to me!!! xxoo so....
I have to name 10 things I love and then pass on to 10 blogs I love to visit--here we 10 things I love as of right now!!

1. my sexy hubby who is oh so good to me!

2. the smell of rain on its way...right before it begins to pour down.
3. a secret i can't share yet within my family...good stuff.

4. my house lit up only my candlelight.

5. chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven...falling apart as you pick them up.

6. this movie....LMAO! seriously if you are the least bit down...get in the car and GO TO THIS MOVIE...YOU WILL LAUGH!! I PROMISE!!

7. the Chicago Cubs...sweet home Chicago!
8. the beach in carpinteria, cali and that sweet little beach town

9. my son Chandler's aids...Marci & Kara...they are sent from God!

10. conversations with my 7 year random, so last night..."mom what happens if you drink shampoo?"" yup! that's my baby!

So...passing this on to........

Patti at PBSArtStudio
Cris at Mommys Midwest Mountain
Chrissy at Cul*ti*vate
Gloria at Creating Free Spirit
Elizabeth at Retinal Perspectives
Micki at The Art Hermit
Patty at Nomadic Notebook
Lori at Happiness Through Art
Jennifer at Pease Porridge

ALL of you inspire me and i would LOVE to know more about each of you....please post on your blogs and keep this award moving along!!

happy wednesday loves!! xxoo


  1. Thanks my friend..I love that I get awards from seriously special..I am sending you help from the detox elves...There on there way to our house with amazing you can do this super powers...Gloria

  2. oh thank you my dear! you are always so sweet to include me! you do know i love you right? i loved reading your list...i learned a few things and now i'm REALLY excited to find out what your "secret" is...i love secrets.
    big kisses to you today.
    im still on a high from our little chat yesterday!
    peace dear
    & thanks


  3. Thank you Kolleen! I will try to do my part. Man, you are so right about the smell before it rains. I would have never have thought of that, but I do do do love conversations with 7 year olds. I just wish I could record them all so I could listen to them when I am 90.

    Jennifer PS. You look cute in that cool outfit!

  4. Congratulations on the award and thank you for passing it on to me ;)

    My must do for this year is to get organized, I had my hubby make me up a schedule and I have started on it already!!

    I will try and get this award done sometime this week (schedule allowing ;)

    Micki x

  5. awwww .. you are so sweet to include me! thank you, my dear.

    mmmmm .. the smell before it rains. and the smell after it rains. love it.

    I want to see that movie - maybe this weekend!

  6. Kolleen,you are the best- thank you so much for cheering on my little blog!!! I totally want one (or two!) of those chocolate chip cookies and can't wait to see It's Complicated. Meryl Streep was one of my "admired" choices at the retreat! I haven't been venturing out much into blog-land lately (sometimes it's just too overwhelming), but I'll see what I can do...

  7. Kolleen amor,you are too sweet to include me with these wonderful woman...I think thought that I will have to borrow some of your favorite things...not your hubby but the one about the rain...I love the smell especially on the wet matter where I am...I will stop and run outside and just take a huge whiff and smile..brings back my childhood memories lol I will share those one day...they are not always proud lol I will post my award this weekend I rehurt my shoulder and have to go see if I have to have it reset stuff :( so I am borrowing my daughters laptop right now so I can type without raising my far so good...but feeling my fingers get numb is not fun :) I love your Say Whaaaat Wed!!

    My must do for 2010 is to be open to new try all the art things that I have been wanting to and not be afraid that someone will say...what were you thinking...your not an artist lol...oh I forgot to ask you, where in Cal are you? with my luck you are far away from me...everyone is :) I am near Los Angeles...grew up in the South Bay area :)

  8. Kolleen amor, my stars, I just just read my comment and all I can say in my defense is I got less than 2 hours of sleep last night cause of my shoulder...I was teasin and tryin to be a wise arse with the comment about borrowing your hubby lol I learned today that you should never comment while sleepy :) Besos, Rose

  9. AWWW... thank you so much for this beautiful award!!!! You are so sweet!!! I so love your list, I promise I will post mine soon!Hugs P

  10. Kolleen thank you so much for including me! I will post mine soon- better late then never. btw, your blog is really shining- I love it.

    Glad you got through your cleanse! It is rough. I loved your facebk updates :)


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