Friday, January 29, 2010

who's your biggest fan?

my youngest daughter Syd is  my BIGGEST fan in the realm of my paintings.  There isn't a painting that I have done that she doesn't love and they ALL are her favorite!!  

It is so funny...there will be a painting i do that i just completely hate...  it never seemed to move out of that "ugly phase" we speak of...but when Syd sees it....she looks at it through the eyes of love and because it was her mom that did it...well, it's gorgeous to her!!!  and she, can i have it?  can i have it?  we all need a "biggest fan" like that, don't we??!!! 

she asked if i would do some Valentine paintings and have them made into little Valentine cards she could give to her friends and her teachers, etc...  so the picture above are the little Valentine cards for Syd!!  and as you  could guess...she loves them!!!

i hope you are all having a wonderful, productive Friday!  me, well today is "catch up " day since i am behind on what feels like EVERYTHING!  I have given NO time to Mondo Beyondo this week and have really missed it!!  

I did however get to spend two great days with a dear friend of mine who visited me.  We spent the day yesterday eating, shopping, talking, dreaming!  She is very encouraging where my artwork is concerned and even with some of my crazy mondo beyondo dreams!!  I am VERY grateful for my sweet girlfriends that are so supportive....and many i have met through the blogging world!  SO THANK YOU GIRLS...YOUR SUPPORT AND ADVICE MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!!

here's a little song for your Friday...
"You dance like no one's watching
Sing 'till the song ends
Then you sing some more"

find time today to dance and sing like no one's watching and to look through the eyes of love - it's friday!! WOOP! WOOP!



  1. What a sweet daughter!! I hope she never loses that admiration for her Mom (even in the teenage years!) I have to admit that my husband is my biggest fan. He is so encouraging, even with the new stuff I have been trying, but also honest enough to let me know when he doesn't exactly love what I've done and I appreciate that too. And yes, yes to the blogger friends - this is a whole new world to me that I never would have imagined even a year ago!! FABULOUS FRIDAY and LOADS OF LOVE to you, Kolleen!!!

  2. Sweet. It is like you overflow with love and I love that.

  3. Mother and daughter love....there is nothing more wonderful!

  4. those are adorable cards, gonna have to think about that for your etsy shop also!! wouldn't that be sweet? your daughter sounds adorable, i hope i get to meet her this spring.

    have a lovely weekend my dear friend. loveing your playlist right now!! sex on fire! oh my!!

  5. super wonderful.
    glad the visit was nice.
    loving the cards.
    BIG huge kisses to you.

  6. Oh, your daughter is a true treasure!! Your cards are beautiful! Love your art!!! :) Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Love, Silke

  7. My daughter is my biggest fan too, she would keep all my paintings and hang them in her bedroom if she could ;)
    Micki x

  8. Adorable cards!! That's so cute that your daughter is your biggest fan! Love that :)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  9. Kolleen you are a beautiful person :), thanks for your comments, and yes I think this time of year can affect us, heres to spring!!

  10. That is so cute... I think we all seemed to be behind this week! Must be the end of January lull! I find February an incredibly difficult month so I think im a little scared of whats coming in terms of demotivation, sooooo im excited to get myself out to CA and going to find lots of time to dance and sing. Thanks for the last quote. :-)

  11. I love that you have a biggest fan, and that it is your daughter. (And what a great Valentine idea!!!)

  12. Hi sweets, how did the golfing go?! Were you able to make your husband laugh?! :) Wishing you a wonderful evening!! Love, Silke


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