Monday, January 11, 2010


(12th century castle in Fumone, with little fried donuts...soooo good...i was just reminiscing!)

monday, monday...da da, da da da da!!

this is the song today!!! love him, love the song, love his voice....yup i dig him.

here are the lyrics... "Somewhere out here is a lost and found...somewhere out there is a lasting love...."

photos of the hat my hubby MADE for me for a Christmas gift...we each drew names within our family this year and HAD to MAKE something for that person. this is what he made for me. i absolutely LOVE it!!! FOCUS is a word we use a lot and one of his favs.... so this is my art hat to wear when i paint!!! he did a darn good job i think considering he was totally stressed about it!! just wanted to share!!!
Cheers to Monday....


  1. K!
    first of all the hat is so darling. what a sweetheart. i love that he did that for you. i can just see you painting away with it on!
    secondly, donovan is so yummy. his voice is so incredibly sexy is it not? i hadn't heard this song, so thanks girl. i wanted to jump into the video and be at that gathering!
    it helps to know that donovan is a surfer as well....very sexy!
    love you.
    loved our talk today.

  2. wow he did good, what a great gift!!

  3. You are great. I think it would be so much fun to be your friend :)

  4. What a wonderful photo Kolleen . . . Italy sounds so romantic and fun, not to mention a taste sensation that would blow my mind. It's dinnertime around here, so fried donuts sound sooooo good right now. We keep talking about going there because we both love Italian food. You picture makes it look very inviting!
    love the art hat, too. How cool is that? It looks fabulous!

  5. Kolleen amor, what a wonderful time it looks like you are having! I think your amor did such a great job on your hat..that is one of our favorite words around here too besides...Hello... :) Besos, Rose

    sooo..what is up with Say whaaaat Wed :) I love that about your blog :)

  6. Kolleen, what darling present! I just LOVE how special hand made gifts are. It's girly too, what a man!!
    I feel so behind with everyone's blogs right now...not enough time to catch up!
    Power ballads sung at work...We are the Champions, I want to know what love is, when i see you smile, all by myself. Every night when we shut the door, Mic's I can't get no SATISFACTION!! I work with some crazy fun ladies! The stealth disco is sooo much fun!
    Love you lady to pieces!


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