Friday, January 15, 2010


Please check out Ree's site to see the amazing, wonderful thing she is doing to help those who are suffering in Haiti. Visit, leave a comment, do some research for the best charity and aid organizations whose funds go directly to those who need it.

It all seems so surreal to me...every time I sit and watch the coverage I struggle to grasp that "this really happened. this is really happening." i count my blessings. i pray. i reflect.

OKAY...SO GO. DON'T WAIT... GO NOW TO REE'S SITE....sending my love out...


  1. oh k! that picture is a killer. this devastation has been really weighing on my mind. i am SOOOO happy you shared ree's site...

    i'm off to it.

    love you ever so much my favorite little heartwing sister of mine.

  2. Kolleen amor, it is just heartbreaking isn't it...I can't even imagine what they are going through up there, seeing it in pictures and reading about it is one thing but being there, just takes my breath away...I hope we never have to know such heartbreak here in Ca. with our own earthquakes. Thank you for sharing this. Besos, Rose

  3. Hey, I absolutely will do it. I usually give to the Red Cross by default, but good to see what else is out there. Absolutely heartbreaking - thanks for doing this!!!


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