Wednesday, January 20, 2010


yes. yes. yes. Wednesday again!! So today I would love to know this......


I think mine would look something like this...

* yummy salad from my favorite little italian spot with a glass of vino
* off to an afternoon matinee of something funny or romantic with my hubby...eating lots of popcorn with gobs of butter and that yummy sprinkle cheese (so unhealthy...but OH SOOOO GOOD!)
* grab a nice, warm cup of coffee and take a walk with my camera in tow
* home to do a little painting or creating of some sort
* then of course spending time with the kiddlies...laughing and dancing in the kitchen!!

i would love to hear all about yours....

thought i would share some shots of this past weekend...santa brought me a new camera for christmas that i am certain does all kinds of fun stuff...right now i am just pointing and shooting...this is what i got

(my word of 2010...NURTURE!!)

(my crazy little monkey doing cartwheels down the burm)
(my girls....two of the three anyway. the other decided to stay home with nonna and papa and go to her first highschool party!!)
( of THEE most amazing sunsets i have ever seen in carp. - stunning and it only kept getting better)
(same sunset...look at the clouds!)
(here comes the crazy rain and wind)
(angry, angry ocean...some monsterous waves)
(lots and lots of rain)

hope you are all having a fabulous wednesday!!! loves and hugs comin at ya!!


  1. im running off to school so i'll give you my "perfect afternoon" soon, but couldn't go without telling you how AWESOME that picture is of the kartwheeling lovely.
    seriously k, that is superb.
    you have a beautiful eye.
    that needs to be blown up, framed and put in a place of importance!
    maybe in the beach house?
    love you.
    i have MUCH to reply to you my dear.
    loves to you on wednesday.

  2. beautiful photos dear! oh, i could join you right now in your perfect afternoon. i'm just working too much and with classes...oh well,i'm alive and learning and having fun.
    i think every afternoon i have at home is my favorite. always good food, always cappuccinos, always playing in my studio, and of course a little kissing on hugging on the hubs tops it all off making it PERFECT!!
    love and hugs to you.

  3. The perfect after noon..A run in the rain then maybe a long hot shower..(sound like a morning but no in the afternoon) dinner out with my girfriends drinking beer and then a funny funny movie ..Home to my kids were we do mommy raps time...Yes I rap and they love it...then maybe the tickle monster runs us all to bed...that works for...later in life my perect afternoon will include a date..with someone I havent even met yet....Love you Kolleen...

  4. A perfect day for me would be:

    Waking up early feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Going on a nice long bike ride with music playing in my ears and camera in hand ready for anything my eye may spot along the way. Lunch with a good friend. Chatting about our dreams, what moves us in life, and inspiring each other to reach a little further. Some time spent on the beach or in the woods writing, taking photos and reflecting on my life. A special dinner with someone I love and a long walk after as we talk and wish upon stars. Of course for my perfect day I would need the perfect summer day and night :)

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us. Missing you!



i heart love notes....