Monday, February 1, 2010



here is my inspiration for our first day of February, 2010.  this is the only version i could find since this song hasn't been released as a single although it is my favorite on this album.  I was so happy to see them get some recognition last night at the Grammys!!  

here are the lyrics...

"We'll end up hand in hand
somewhere down on the sand
just me and you."

of course i love how they incorporate a little Van Morrison in there!  

take a listen...hope you like it!

thought i would share a painting i did for my sisters as a gift...i had some prints made up for both of them to hopefully frame and hang somewhere in their house.  i really enjoyed doing this as they inspire me...they are great mamas, great wives and they both work very hard!  

also...i am taking part in an experiment this amazing, lovely friend of mine posed today on her blog...all about hearts!!!

as everyone can tell from my blog name and the girls i paint...i, too, have a passion for hearts.

so today when i woke up and as i was sitting going pee (yes...i said it!)...i noticed a heart camouflaged in the tile of my jumped out at me plain as day even through my sleepy, barely awake eyes!  and in that brief moment of looking at that heart...i told myself i was going to have more patience this morning with my 4 kiddlies.  a little more tenderness in our morning routine...thanks to that sweet bathroom heart!!  go see Chrissy's post and join in on the experiment!!  


  1. Oh, what an inspiring post!! Love the music, your heart story (made me chuckle) and, of course, your paintings!! Great colors - so happy!! Thank you Love, Silke

  2. we seriously love you...
    thanks for stopping by ..
    growth year for us .. long hrs ..
    U R N our hearts often...
    mona & the girls

    ps .. u r becoming very popular...

  3. ps..
    do you FB ....
    come find us at gaffergirls ...
    we miss U ..

  4. I like the story about the heart in the bathroom tile! It is funny what we see in our world that inspires us or puts things in perspective, isn't it!

  5. Hey, I love your happy little heart sisters and all this focus on hearts - keeps our focus in the right place!! I just sent Chrissy the pic of the double heart that Marilyn and I made on the beach in Manzanita - one of my favorites for sure!! Happy Heart-ing!!!

  6. this morning I went to mail box and found your little package and well I never get little packages..I just held it .not wanting the magic to go away..wanting to feel super duper special and I did...I came home held it in my hand ran to my bathroom and just looked at the cool envelope opened it and I cried...because you cared enough to do this for me ...Thank You ..I love the earings and my envelope and the letter and you made me feel thank you..and I love you too...

  7. where do i start?
    seriously crack me up.
    i had commenters commenting on your pee comments.
    (did that make sense?)
    i love you so much.
    you ARE my "heart" inspiration babe!
    also, love the song.
    love zac brown.
    LOVE LOVE van morrison infusion.
    REALLY love your sister works.
    they are sooo lucky.
    and speaking of lucky..
    i got the sweetest envelope in the mail yesterday.
    thank you for the kind words.
    thank you for the "extra" little valentine
    thank you for sending it all in my FAVORITE kolleen harrison heartwing sister painting EVER.
    when can i go to ETSY and buy those cards?
    xoxoxo sweet sister.

  8. Thank you Kolleen, and thanks for stopping by! You're welcome any time. I'm loving this heart experiment too! Happy day to you!



  9. are you seriously trying to tell me you dont keep a camera on the back of your toilet?
    your paintings are wonderful...your sisters are lucky ladies. i am so glad you are a blogger, dear friend. thanks for always sharing. hugs and smooches

  10. Thanks for stopping by to follow and for linking up at Trendy Treehouse.

    I am following you back!


  11. Kolleen amor, first of all let me say this...I cannot believe you said Pee...amor beautiful lil ladies say tinkle :) hey my Ita (grandma) told me that so it MUST be so, now that being said...I love the painting you made for your sisters! I bet they are going to LOVE it :) What a neat thing you are doing with this heart experiment, I always said hearts weren't really my thing...well then I started looking around my house and jewelry and realized that I really do heart, hearts :) Besos, Rose


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