Monday, January 4, 2010


(ringing in the new year with my baby girl!!)
first Monday of the new year and i decided to stick with my Monday Music Inspiration...hopefully it is bringing some inspiration to those of you who visit me or maybe it brings some new music/bands into your i chose this song. the first time i heard it...i loved it. there is something haunting about are the lyrics.
"one foot in and one foo back. But it don't pay, to live like that."
(new heartwingsisters i am working on)

i know for many of us it is back to work. back to school. back to routine. however, for me it was the beginning of a 6 day cleanse!! i know, call me crazy....i know i'm calling myself that!!! I just hope i can get through it...this girl LOVES to eat!!! My hubby and i are doing it together which should help in the realm of accountability! I have never done anything like this before so not sure what to expect...i am only about 7 hours in to day 1....i will do it! Bound and Determined!!
the blue moon on new years eve and my babies +1 are making their wishes upon it!!! i told wish is ever too big!!!

happy monday all!!! sending out loves!!! xxooxxoo


  1. sending you lots of luck and warm wishes for your cleanse. i know you can do it. you are so strong.

  2. Happy new year to you all! That blue moon was pretty amazing, wasn't it? I also think it is amazing to think that all of us were looking at that same moon all over the world!!

  3. i love your pictures.
    i love you.
    i love that it's 2010.
    i love your new paintings.
    i love that we were looking at the same moon at the same time on different places of the world.
    i thought about your cleanse as i ate my oreo frosty from wendy's on the way home from utah tonight.
    let's talk tomorrow.
    miss you

  4. so sweet..and the two new girls are ust so cute too..i love that there little..i wanna do a cleanse..oh wait I am ..a diffrent kind...( kinda funny) hope your well and I am wearing the same uggs you were wearing in the G

  5. Hi Kolleen :) Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet note...I think you have your own wonderful love story going on :) Capri huh?? You know I honestly can't even tell you what City I got married in, I was so young and so nervous and I actually laughed through most of the service out of sheer happiness because I couldn't believe that lil ole chunky munkey me had been so lucky to marry the boy of my dreams from the time I was stars those dimples...even now over 25 years later those dimples still kill me :)You know what my secret is??? He can still make me laugh so hard I have to tinkle (keepin it lady like) or cry...sometimes both lol and I threaten every few weeks or so to divorce him (cause you know you gotta keep them on their toes) and did I mention we laugh alot! Mainly at the reasons I threaten to divorce the outfits he picks out when we go out...or sometimes forgets that it's all about ME...I know...I mean... you would think he would know this after all these years and since I explained this to him on our second date lol But seriously, I love how you look at your husband...remember to look at him like that foreva :)

    ps...before I forget, I love your blog, I quickly perused it all the way to your first post :) great art, great posts and I love how you love...Please visit me anytime :)Besos, Rose

  6. Happy New Year to you and your family!! And good luck with the clense. I'm sure you will feel great after you are finished. Also, wanted to make sure you received your journal!

  7. Hey, Kolleen, Happy New Year to you and yours!! Love these pics, especially wishing on the moon. Also loved your comments on your last post about the black/white and sweet/sour. You really caught the heart of it because that is so what life is like, isn't it? Lots of gray...

  8. Hi Kolleen, happy New year to you, thanks for visiting me, Im so glad you liked my SW pics! I just love that picture of you and your Daughter on celebrating the New Year! and the picture of the moon is spectacular! :D P


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