Friday, May 29, 2009


Here is a picture of whom I consider to be my "biggest fans".

My two youngest daughters. They always seem to appreciate my artwork and tell me how good it is, etc... In other words...they keep me going, they help me to believe in myself, to strive to continue to learn new things, to continue to paint, to create, and give me continual inspiration.

I believe (or at least hope) we all have these special souls in our lives. Whether it be our children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, spouses, friends, fellow bloggers...

Who are YOUR biggest fans??? Think about it...who inspires you? compliments you? helps keep you going? appreciates what you are putting out into our world? challenges you? Thank them them, email them, face book them, text them, message them on their blogs.

For, in my opinion, if it wasn't for our "fans" would we all be driven to continue what we are doing? Would we feel supported, challenged, inspired? Thank them...let them know what they mean to you and your creative spirit!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

how cute is this

i just love this little clutch i found over the weekend at the sweetest antique store. don't you just love it when you stumble across something this cute and it is 50% off?!?!? MADE MY DAY!!
i find browsing quaint little antique stores brings alot of inspiration my way. it also really makes me heartsick for my grandma! there were so many things in this store that reminded me of her...i wish i would have taken pictures of all the things so i could post them up! there were beautiful, hand stitched hankies, old fashioned clip earrings, and of course sweet little coin purses. oh how i wish i would have held on to some of those things that she once had...but as we all know they are just "things" and clearly from how i felt walking through there...the memories of my grandma and her spirit are very much still with me. i love you grandma and know that you are smiling down on me!
happy tuesday!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

random...gotta love sundays

i am sitting here alone in a very quiet house...all 5 of my other sidekicks have gone to bed!

i just wanted to post how much i love my house they are pretty care free and lax! i feel blessed that i can curl up on my couch looking out our front window and finish reading an amazing, suspenseful, brilliantly written book without much interruption! i find myself counting my blessings over and over again because the life i have now is so different from the one i had only a few years ago. i have learned how quickly life can change....for the better or for the worse , so i try really hard to just enjoy the moment knowing they pass as quickly as they entered into our lives. i find myself trying to teach my kids this...but I JUST realized it at 30+ years of age so how can i expect them to get it at their young, innocent ages??

i started another painting that was inspired by the friday afternoon dates i share with my youngest at starbucks!! she is such a firecracker and light in my life! God, I love this little daughter! she was next to me as i began this painting, always telling me how much she loves my paintings and truly being my biggest fan! (it's the best!!! : ) but even better was how she grabbed some papers and crayons and scissors and started to make her own little was so fun to share that time with her. this time of creating and just being together! i love how i feel that we inspire one another...i wish i could bottle it up but i am wise enough to know it simply comes in moments and has to be enjoyed before it disappears!

so i guess what i am getting at after all this mumbo jumbo is to very simply...DRINK UP THESE MOMENTS...LIFE CHAN CHANGE IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

more inspiration

i found more inspiration through a new found friend. check out this site. It is such unique, amazing work...the eyes say so much, don't they?

Friday, May 8, 2009

mom's day

first off i would like to wish all the beautiful, amazing, wondrous mamas out there a HAPPY MOM'S DAY weekend!!!! i hope each and every one of you does something special for YOU!

i wanted to post my latest little creation. i painted her for my mom-in-law who has to be THEE best cook and baker i have ever met! plus she is 100% Italiano!! i hope she likes her! my thought is...i realize my paintings are very kid like and amateur, however, they come from my heart so i would think there is no better gift than that. right?!?