Wednesday, June 30, 2010

say whaaaaaaaaaaat wednesday?

wednesday is here....
once again!!!

so i had so much fun last week
going back in time with everyone
(such fun answers)

that i thought let's stay back there....
back in time


me....well i wanted to change mine to "Olivia"
for none other than the
fact that i so badly wanted to
BE Olivia Newton-John!!!

my youngest is in this phase right now...
it makes me giggle!!!

thanks for playin along everyone!!

sending love



  1. heck, I STILL play the name game. I was "lovingly" named after my two aunts, Betty and Loraine. Truly I love these ladies. The problem? They called me Lori, not Betty OR Loraine. So throughout my entire life (and it's pretty long) I've been called Betty Lori by people who really don't care whether I end up liking them or not, teachers, bank tellers, and the like.

    What do I wish for? I've never gotten that far. lol.

  2. Kolleen, so guess what my very favorite movie ever is???? I know you'll guess...
    I loved the name Kathy-that is my Moms name and I remember always naming my barbies I probably wanted my name to be that too.

  3. Hey...when are you going to make your blog button-I want one for my blog!

  4. what a fun question!
    i was never given a middle name
    & in 6th grade, i gave myself one...
    rachel noel!
    (now my middle name is my maiden name...olson/
    which is fine & meaningful...but i do miss the made-up part...i also have thought that i'd love to have "love" in my name!
    my secrets are out!

  5. by the way, i love your olivia name & story!
    LOOOOOOOOOVE it! i got chills, they're multiplying!

  6. i, too, was an ONJ fanatic, and olivia was my favorite name!!!! so funny!!!
    i noticed my daughter playing the other day and her name was "Emma"....
    i love sitting back and listening to the kids as they change their names, call each other by their new names, and go on for hours doing so. oh, to be a kid again!!!
    sending hugs!

  7. I always thought Eleanor was a plain name. In my era it reminded me of Eleanor Roosevelt who wasn't very pretty but very wise. When young I wanted to be beautiful, sophisticated and sought after for my looks. Npow in my dotage I want to be as wise and respected as Eleanor Roosevelt. Finally I've grown into my name.

  8. Yes I have always wanted to change my name and I did!!
    My actual name is "Michelle" but everyone used to call me "shell" which I hated!!
    I renamed myself "Micki" (unofficially) when I was 20 something and refuse to answer to anything else (except for when I got married lol..I still had to be called "Michelle" then)

    Micki x

  9. have i ever told you how much i love these questions?? i too wanted to change my name as a child. i thought holly was boring and plain and i would much rather have been cindy. why? i don't seemed like a cool name to me:)

  10. I'm in love with your blog!I prepared an award for you :D You can pick it up here:

  11. aaah, Yes, I went through that stage. My name didn't fit. I didn't like it, til I was in my 20's then I was pleased, it was different. Maybe
    not so much, today...
    I wanted to have a name that didn't stand out, like Jennifer, Laurie or Laurel. I love the name Olivia!
    It is fun how names are like fashion, they are popular at different times, then come back.
    I have a friend, who loves Jim Fallon so much, she is thinking of Fallon for her baby girl.
    Then there is all the unique soap opera names...
    Raven, Hope, Ridge, Bo, etc.
    Fun post~ xXx

  12. This is such a fun shot, and I can see that you've been blessed with great cheekbones.

    And as far as names go, I was born in Bangkok, Thailand with the name, Sukanung Angsiputiphant (not so sure about the spelling)...really long name right? Then when I moved to the US at around age 3, my name was changed to Rebecca Lee. Then during HS my close friends started to call me, Becky (which for whatever reason stuck.) Then after getting married, my offical name became Rebecca Shander, but I've been going by Becky Shander which feels like a good fit. It's interesting how we can sometimes track our personal histories through names...thanks for bringing up the subject (I enjoyed this quick glance back.)

  13. it is so nice to see your pic with the camera. so cute. i can't think of a name i wanted but I am sure it was like jennifer or lisa or something, those were the popular names growing up.

  14. i loved olivia too-
    and her name was KEIRA in xanadu, which was so close to kerri- that's one of the names i wished for.

  15. Well... my parents originally planned for me to be called "Patsy", but I hated it! Don't know why, but every time my brother called me that, I called him "scarecrow" (whereever did THAT come from??) Anyway, I still wish I had a name that everyone would "get" without a nickname (like Kolleen, for instance). In every doctor's office or anything official, I'm called "Patricia", and I just can't relate at all. Now aren't you glad you asked???

  16. You bet I wanted to change my name when I was younger and my friends actually did change my name in high school - lol! That's when people started calling me Johwey which was a play on my real name :D


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