Thursday, June 3, 2010

say whaaaaaaaaaaat wednesday? (a day late)

happy thursday....i am clearly off this week!
that holiday threw me for a loop and
it is also the last week of school
for my kiddlies!!
been a little bit cra-zaaaay!


today i was sifting
through pictures i have taken and thought this
may be a fun question for today...

what do you like to capture
behind your lens...
that may not be the obvious
(, loved ones, etc...)??
what speaks to you??

(light em!)
(exposed beams...yum)
(stone walls)
(sunsets...that one may be kind of obvious...
lots of us love taking photos of the sunsets...right??)
(door handles)
(old signs...even better if they are in italian)
(i have an obsession with trees..
especially ones with LOTS of character)
(doors, doorways...and my hubby!!)

i hope you all play along...would love to hear
about what you and your lens capture together!!!

happy day!


  1. oooooo
    that.s a great question missy k...
    i am drawn to door knobs, old peeling paint, old signs, fruit stands, old bicycles (especially if they have a basket on front) doors, unique people, old trucks....i am saying "old" a lot aren.t i.
    i guess i like "old" things.
    i take lots of pictures of "old" things is my answer.
    miss you
    have lots and lots to talk about.
    you look beeeeautiful.

  2. p.s. i recognize some of these photos my deary.

  3. oh yeah.
    and i bought a ""
    in san fran in honor of you.
    i send you a photo.

  4. Great question and giggling at Chrissy's comment above and agreeing with it too, generally I like "old things" trees being my biggest fascination and seeing faces in the twisted, knotted old wood. I also like houses....old ones ;) especially ones with thatched roofs, I saw the cutest, quaintest, little thatched roof bus stop when we were in Surrey for my brothers wedding the other week and I am gutted I didn't have my camera to hand, it will be etched in my memory forever though :)

    Micki x

  5. I like your pictures Kolleen . . I love those colors and textures. That kind of milk & honey color scheme, old, antique-y, etc., is exactly how I want our home to look. I think we need to move into a winery. Good question though. . I'm going to ponder that next time I pick up my camera. Here's one for you: Do you ever get shy about taking pictures in public, especially if you want to get right in the middle of a happening, or want to photograph people you don't know?

  6. Food...things I make..things I order. Food...and I wonder why diets don't work for me...hahahaha.

    Kolleen, we are going to have to figure out why I can only comment it's Lis.

  7. Hi Kolleen, I know what you mean about being thrown off. Mr. Waterstone took Monday off and by Wednesday I thought it was Saturday. ??? Anyway, I can't offer photography insight. At this point I'm just trying to get a decent picture. :)

  8. lines, patterns, waves (when I had film, I could take an entire roll of film - or two - of just waves), the pup, flowers ..


  9. Happy Wednesday;)

    Pretty pictures Kolleen! I mostly have pictures of my kiddos but I really like photos of really old houses with wrap around porches and I always love a red front door. Hope all is well with you!

  10. thanks for stopping by kolleen, the things that you love to photograph are the things i love too, hope your enjoying our flying lessons? xx

  11. Hi Kolleen, visiting from Flying Lessons. I love to photograph architectural elements (comes from my background as an architect). I love photographing people in my travels as well (when I can), especially when it shows culture. :D

  12. Say whaaaaat?! ;D
    Good question to get my brain spinning!
    I love to photograph old buildings, alleyways, trees, windows/doors, daily life, my cats, roadside furniture, old bathrooms, spots in my house where light shines in so pretty, and and and... I'm going to venture out to take pictures tomorrow :D

    Hope you're having a good week! Love all the pictures you shared!

    hugs + love,

  13. Love your photos!
    I really enjoy taking pictures of the "uninteresting" things that remind me of special moments...and Mr.C of course!

  14. Hmmm.... mostly, I love great light because it makes everything else look great. Color, texture, lines, patterns, edges, windows, doors - to name a few - I could go on... Happy Friiiiday!!!

  15. Food, food, food, my dear. That's what I love most to photograph and look at. Is that bad of me? I have an obsession with good food. I like to eat it even more than photographing it though. Bread, love to photograph bread!

    BTW, my kitty has been stealing our bread lately and eating it. What is with that?

    love you and miss you and hope you are well my dear, dear friend!

  16. Hi Kolleen... I just love that e-course but I haven't been able to keep up either, I have been printing it out and reading it at work! LOL!I love, love love your pics!!!! you should be a photographer, you have great eye for really cool subjects, I'm terrible at it because I always forget my camera or worse have the camera in my hand and forget to take the picture!!! Haha! :D Patti

  17. Kolleen,

    I flew in to say hi and thank you for visiting my blog.

    I see you have been to Italy. We lived in Gaeta for 2 years so I have lots of photos. One thing I started to take photos of towards the end of our stay was the crosses on top of the churches. They have different designs and I was fascinated by that. You may have inspired me to do a post on them.

    I love your photos because you see beauty in the details. The door handle is my favorite.

    I hope you weekend is beautiful!


  18. i am a random picture taking...
    sometimes it's the way a light is shining on something, like a recent one of my son's bike tire & the reflection of it on the floor,..a photo of dresses in a newborn babies' drawer, ...a snapshot of a dessert shared with a girlfriend. RANDOM!
    fun question, kolleen. lol. xox

  19. Hi Miss Kolleen! This holiday threw me off too! in answer to your question. I love to photograph old-relic-houses in the rural portions of Georgia. I like them in Black-N-White and use them later as reference material when I'm painting my little houses on canvas. I have boxes full of these charming little jewels and would one day love to find my own little relic in the countryside.

    Hey..BTW..loved the photos you used in this post. Especially the exposed-ceiling and the old books. Hope you're still enjoying "Flying Lessons." I've resorted to printing everything out so I could digest it fully. Kelly is for sure "paying it forward," with her generosity.

    Hope you and your sweet family have a great weekend! It's late here in Middle Georgia, and I'm heading to bed once I sign off with you.

    Much Happiness & Summer Sunshine, Terri

  20. I absolutely love your photos. Such simple, natural things.
    Old books are my favourite.


  21. Great photos dear!! I love them :) I love taking pictures of nature, I love flowers! I also like to take pics of people on the street, I love houses and decoration such as windows, objects, or shelves.
    Hope you have a great weekend!!
    ❀ ❤ ❀

  22. Like sweet Chrissy I'm also drawn to old things. And I love to take photos of just about anything that's in a series (lined-up, stacked, bunched together, etc.) Similarly to you, doors always grab my attention as well.

    What a true pleasure to have stopped by your blog (love the creativity and honesty)and I'm so happy that you popped over to mine to say hi. It feels wonderful to meet someone who sees life through a clear lens.

  23. I'm a Creative Chrissy follower on a cultivating path of discovery! I love old things and nature. I am having fun, lately
    walking downtown historical Elizabeth City and
    talking pics of old slots, doors and homes.
    I am uncovering all kinds of hints to the past and mysteries. I think, summer is going to include historical tours and unique discoveries! What is it about old peeling paint and rust that evokes happiness?! Perhaps, the layers of time and memories of what lingers in the dust and rust of the past! It is magic...
    Fun post~

  24. ooooh.... awesome pics and super question! i love taking pictures of remnants of human activity - not of people directly, or of inanimate objects, but something that says "a human was here", like a handpainted sign or graffiti. i love guessing at the mystery behind it all!

  25. I am so late on this...but wanted to chime in.

    I love to capture two things often:

    The sky ~ I love the look of clouds and the way the sky can be a brilliant blue or an array of oranges, yellows, and purples when the sun is setting. I just love capturing the brilliant canvas that nature paints for us each day

    My feet ~ I love taking photographs of where I am standing. It reminds of me of where I was grounded. Where I stood.

    It is interesting to see now through answering this question that I really enjoy capturing what is above me and what is below me. I wonder what that means.


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