Wednesday, June 23, 2010

say whaaaaaat wednesday....getting back to the basics

happy wednesday!!

are you ready to go on an adventure with me???
let's take a walk down memory lane
back to when we were 5, 6 maybe 7 years old.

are you there??

now tell me

what would you be doing creatively
as this little child??
what would make your heart happy
and bring you joy??

for me...
it was coloring!

bring me a coloring book and crayons
and i was a happy happy little girl!!

so today,
i went back to the basics...

took out the crayons and an
old coloring book
and started to color again
just like when i was 5 years old
with ringlets in my hair!

sometimes i think we need
to do that.

take a step back

get back to the basics...

it's good for the soul!!!

can't wait to hear about your
adventure back in time!!
please share!!

sending love


  1. I agree with you. It is so important to go back to the basics. Back to the simple things that make your heart smile. I loved coloring as a child. I still do it today. I am not sure if I loved it as a kid but I love now playing with playdoh. :)

    Thanks for reminding me to set myself free and just play!

  2. Lovely post dear Kolleen :D For me it was drawing my paper dolls and
    collecting candy and chocolate wrappers to make their clothes. The candy wrap paper was shiny and colorful that I used it as fabric :D I used to collect lots of candy and chocolate wrap paper, I even remember asking my little friends to save theirs to give it to me :) so I could create more clothes for my little paper dolls (I still treasure those little dolls). I love the idea of getting back to the basics! Thanks for the inspiration dear and for the lovely comment on my gypsy post :D

  3. Wonderful! For me it was making mud soup in the garden. I made bucket of it!

    When I told Daniel that you suggested I get back to basics and told him that we'd have mud soup for dinner ... he was not pleased! :-)

    Love, Silke

  4. first, sweet kolleen,
    i love the question.
    i'd like to keep pondering it.
    it's so meaningful & soulful & fullcirclefull.
    my first loose thought is i was all about dolls..
    bathing them, holding them, cutting their hair a couple times, having them relate to each other, combing their hair...i'm sure i would have loved your ringlet doo!
    love from my 5 yr. old to yours! xo

  5. Hi love,
    For me it was drawing kitties. I was obsessed with drawing them all over, even on the walls of my closet (which I got in trouble for!).
    Now I have a strong need to paint my kitty...hum, maybe a weekend project??
    Thanks for your sweet love on my blog. Did you really like my video of me painting? do you know how hard that was to put out there? my wings are a spreading!!
    Loves and hugs to you!

  6. truthfully, i have no idea. though i remember coloring when i was older and enjoying it. :)

  7. Oh this is fun! I loved playing dress up and especially wearing a fluffy skirt I could really twirl in. Happy Wednesday heartwing sister, glad were able to spend some time with your special ladies!

    Much love,

  8. Oooh fun, for me it was dressing up with clothes from the dressing up box or creating patterns with my Spirograph set! yay.

  9. Hi! I am just catching up on your blog since I've been away. It looks like you had an amazing time with your family! Wonderful, what fun! I am loving the new look of your blog, very nice and the red painting on the sides is so pretty, antique looking and evokative. Hmmmm, good question today. I used to love to set up and decorate rooms for my doll house people, sometimes I'd take their furniture outside and create an outdoor room for them too. I also just loved to DRAW, plain and simple.

  10. You're so right, Kolleen. The things we loved to do in childhood can soulfully link us to the things that bring us joy today. It makes total sense that coloring books were a great treat for you! I loved creating all kinds of art, from songwriting to dancing to painting. And I a little entrepreneur, too - from selling the most Girl Scout cookies to staging backyard plays for the neighborhood (for a fee!!).

  11. I have to think about this one, and dig way back to those far away places...I promise to give my answer tomorrow! I love the question and I love going back to being little! Thank you for this xo

  12. mmmh, I was baking, coloring or playing with my dolls. I would make coffee cake for breakfast Sunday mornings for my family, at age 7. Coloring was always a fav! I loved getting the huge box of crayola crayons and the names. I love going to home improvement stores and take a few paint samples. Again, love the names~
    Fun post~

  13. wow...thats a good one there.
    i was a tomboy, so i was probably out getting dirty with all the neighborhood boys..(not like THAT..dirty as in dirt)
    skinned knees, bruises, black eyes, NO DRESSES.
    if alone, i probably just stole a bar of IVORY soap from the food storage room in the basement and i was hiding in the gutter in the front of the house with a pocket knife carving it into a snowman or the or something...then i would "sell" the shavings to the neighbor ladies as a magical beauty potion.
    of course,
    they always bought it.
    miss you.

  14. oh how cool! Good on you. I used to love just making, making, making and assembling . . .Finally after years I have returned to it. Thanks for visiting and the positive words - means a lot :)

    Happy colouring to you!


  15. singing into my tape recorder!

    or making some shrinky dinks in the oven!

  16. I'm loving reading all the comments. This is such a fun thing to reflect on. I instantly thought of coloring with color pencils. Loved it and have recently rediscovered coloring through my 2 year old. It feels so good.

    I like imagining Faith arranging her doll house furniture outside. That is great.

  17. So at 5, 6, or 7 I was definately coloring up a storm, but I also remember being so into my dolls. I loved them so much and I remember this one day playing dolls with my best friend who lived across the street-we put the dolls under our shirts and pretended we were going to have a baby-well I remember vividly laying on the couch and pretending to be in the hospital, and pulling the baby out of my shirt and thinking "oh, this must be how it is to have a new baby" and thinking how very serious it all was and how much I loved this new baby. I had a very strong imagination-I remember that time of playing dolls so clearly and how mature I felt about it all- Thanks for the trip down memory lane-love to you sweet Kolleen <3

  18. I remember collecting ribbons and pretty fabrics making dresses for my dolls but I adored making paper dolls- so fun to stroll down memory lane :-)

  19. Hi Kolleen, How are you my beautiful scarf sister...Ok for me it was making little house out of paper and cloth for my barbies...It would take me hours I would use old kleenex boxes for beds and toilet paper for blankets ...I would make lamps and food..I made little houses wih furniture and lots of barbie clothes for the closet....

  20. So much fun reading this! My husband bought me a set of kids finger paints and I've yet to take it out. This may just be the week! Thanks for the inspiration :))

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