Wednesday, June 16, 2010

say whaaaaaaaaaaat wednesday?

happy, magical wednesday everyone!!!

lately i have been thinking alot about
what my question today entails....

thus the
painting that i just finished...
today....i am curious


maybe contentment in the
midst of an unruly
maybe peace in your heart over an
argument with someone or
a grudge you may be carrying...
maybe acceptance of "what is" in
your life right now...
maybe quiet...
maybe love...
maybe friendship, community...
maybe understanding.

please share....i would love to hear

on a side note...
i have family coming to visit me in
cali tomorrow...
my 2 lovely sisters and mom,
my three aunts
and my two cousins

it is a girls bash at the beach!!!!!
i may be out of the loop over the next several days!

sending big loves, hugs and success
in what it is YOU are seeking.

Mauve takes offense at my having said, "I am an artist" - which I do not take back, because that word included, of course, the meaning: always seeking without absolutely finding. As far as I know, that word means: "I am seeking, I am striving, I am in with all my heart."

Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890)



  1. Oh, your life sounds magical! Your days with family will be so wonderful! What a GORGEOUS family you all are!!!! I've been seeking more depth in my painting and today I sat down and actually achieved that. I'll have to post her when she's done, but right now I am still gazing at her in wonder and figuring out if she's done. May you find everything you are seeking!! Love, Silke

  2. seeking acceptance with certain things, most definitely! a powerful question with one little word. and you used a beautiful painting to ask it. a wonderful weekend to you beautiful ladies!

  3. I hope that you and your gal pals will have a wonderful time kicking back. Enjoy!!

  4. i love your
    pink palate
    soaring winged
    with room for wonder
    peek at your
    seek sensation
    wowie, woman,
    let your flag fly!!
    most recently
    i am seeking
    how to now
    be there
    for my boys,
    now that they're
    for the summer
    while i'm still juggling
    the rest of
    ongoing (good) life...
    have a
    sunshine bursting blast
    with your family,
    dear one!

  5. Girl Bash...ooh, sounds so fun! Beautiful family soon to make more wonderful memories...sounds like heaven! Seek...interesting question: Time isn't on my side lately, but I am trying to be in the now. My plans seem to change daily,it has been this way for a month. I am first struggled a bit with it; Now, I have to realize, the timing isn't right, right now. I will find my way back soon to my creative flow. Have a Fabulous, Fun, Family time~ xXx

  6. desperately seeking BALANCE! it's a hard one. love that Van Gogh quote sweet Kolleen... and yay for a family visit!! enjoy yourself! xx

  7. Oh! A girls' bash! Now THAT sounds fun! How wonderful to have such a beautiful, big family...of girls! ♥ Thank you for your wonderful comments on my Blog. It's so nice to meet you! I just love your SEEK page...K

  8. I think for this season in my life I am seeking rest :) but for some reason I think it may be something I seek for the next 18 years!
    Hope you have a wonderful visit with your girls.

  9. Have a wonderful girls' weekend!

    I've been seeking abundance. Which to me, in this moment, mostly means taking the time to notice and appreciate the abundance in my life right now.


  10. i've been seeking a/c, it's nearly 100F and the humidity is high so i'm happy to be indoors with a/c lately!

    i've also been seeking a "stick with it" attitude as i'm toward the final stages of my cd production and am just so ready to be done! losing my steam a little...

  11. Hey love,
    I'm seeking TIME!! I need more time! I have so much going much I still want to create, try, play with and time is not on my side! I'm afraid I will burst with all the ideas and creativeness inside me if I don't get it out...soon!!
    Loves to you, have a wonderful girl bash and we will see you when you get back!

  12. Have a great time!! Sounds like a blast. I think right now friendship and community and some uninterrupted art time. :)

  13. what a fun girls weekend you will have. soak it all in dear girl.

    Right now I am seeking some rest. I feel like I have been a constant state of motion. No time to stop and take it all in. And I need to slow down, take it all in, lay my head on the pillow, rest, and heal.

  14. I was just at home with my family and for the first time, I was not the one that everyone was worried about. I was the 'together' one...whatever that really means. What I seek... that everyone I love is in a place that is ok, but also ok to make changes. Right now, I can say that I am in a place of seeking little and accepting a lot... I want my family and friends to know that they are perfect just as they are and perfect in the changes they are making. And I will love them no matter what!

  15. Oh I'm so jealous-I wish I was one of your beautful sisters too! I am sure you all will have a magical time!
    I think I am seeking balance. I need it and in the last couple of months I have been watching myself slowly and consistantly fall out of balance. And instead of taking action, I just have sat and watched it happen. I don't like it when I do this to myself. It's bad for my mental and emotional health and why I sit and watch it like a train wreck...I just don't know! So that is what I am seeking right now-balance, on all levels.
    Love to you, and thanks for a great question...

  16. I hope you are having the most fantastic time with all the ladies in your life. Enjoy!

    And I've been seeking more alone time for creativity.

  17. Adorable dear! I love your photos and painting :) I also love the quote!
    Well, I think I agree with Kelly, I'm seeking time too! Sometimes I wish the day would have more than 24 hours..sigh..Hope you have a great weekend dear!

  18. lovely, lovely blog and I have the utmost admiration for you having four kids and finding time to create art and blog etc etc!

    I will be looking around more.

    I am currently seeking to re-connect to my art in a deeper more experimental way as I prepare for a show (after having my head down a computer for the last 6 months getting my art e-course off the ground!)

    Thanks for sharing!


    (fellow flyer)

  19. so lovely and something to ponder.

    have so much fun at the beach- lucky you.

  20. sweet one...
    i hope you are having the best time of your life and that you are loved and held and hugged and surrounded by all of that familial beauty!
    what a blessing.

    what am i seeking?
    simplicity in my decisions as to "WHAT" to create.
    and then
    the bravery to go ahead with the answers that come. been in a stale mate for too long.

    you always help me with that.
    i love you.
    talk next week love.

  21. I love your painting! I am seeking happiness and contentment at the moment :)

  22. Beautiful you,

    I absolutely adore the quote you shared at the end! I've never heard that tid-bit by Van Gogh before!

    I am seeking too. I'm not sure what exactly lately, but "I'm IN with all my heart.." Love that line!

    Thanks so much purdyness.

    So much love,

  23. love the pic of you and your girl (and you and your girls!) What a fun and I am sure soul filling experience this will be!


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