Sunday, June 13, 2010

...sunday scribbles

what do your scribbles look like????
tell me....



  1. Oh, I like your scribbles. Painting and late day nap sounds divine. My scribbles these days are more about self-exploration and trying to find my true north. Help!

  2. Your scribbles look divine to me... My scribble today was "take care of sweet husband while he is recuperating from surgery." But I also got to read, to blog a little, to watch a movie, to eat some ice cream, to cook and to have a piece of blueberry pie. A good day!! Much love to you! Silke

  3. P.S. Forgot to say how CUTE you look!!

  4. Hi kolleen, I just read your guest post on Liz Lamoreux's Blog. I understand exactly what you mean. I also have a child with special needs. Megan, knows she is loved just like Chandler, has more self-esteem than anyone in the family hehe, (I have two other children) I love that about her.
    Your part about finding the blessing in their disabiliy .... the so true, and so necessary. I do it all the time. I'm so glad I read your post. Just another inspiration in my day.
    thank you....xo
    ps megan is quite the artist I'll post one of her pictures on my blog.

  5. dear kolleen whose crowned with beauty & wrist bobbles of a yummy variety,
    my most recent scribbles/dabbles/bobbles are a recent run to target & bought a bulletin board & painted the ugly edges green & then, once dry, wrote words on it, & then tacked up scribbles of my "ta-da" list yesterday & that motivated me greatly to actually do some of it/like finally put together & ordered new business cards!
    scribbly dibbily ta-da da da dum!
    i love your list, words & colors!

  6. Dear Kolleen,
    I need to scribble and so I am....I shall do a little scribbleling? I ususally feel like I have to be deep but I dont hu...I can be silly and just play...Thanks for the reminder...Love you...Gloria

  7. Hello gorgeous. Well at the moment im afraid to admit my scribbles are "to do" lists! with swirly swirls inbetween the lines and down the side of the paper. Have a fabulous week. xx

  8. You are soooooooooo pretty!!!!!! Do you know that?

  9. I couldn't live without my scribbles and notes and swirls and beautiful chaos!! So loving yours :)

  10. right now my scribbles are list and numbers...yuck. Maybe I will doodle some love notes instead.
    ps...I know where you are in that picture (it's the phantom restaurant:) BLUSH!

    love lis.

  11. you look gorgeous my dear and I adore your scribbles.

  12. oh my sweet never cease to amaze me with your beauty....honestly!
    i just love your scribbles dear.
    cant wait for you for thursday...i am so happy for you.

  13. Hi Kolleen. Sounds like your sunday was a good day. pretty painting you did!

  14. You are adorable in that picture Kolleen!

  15. Hi Kolleen, thanks for stopping over to my blog. I really appreciate the comment you left and that you too "get it". I'm off to flying lessons but thought I'd quick mention that my scribbles lately are all made of wire.

    Whether they look like anything..... :)

  16. my scribbles are most definitely not as cute as yours, but i am a scribbler! :)

  17. I love your Sunday Scribbles! And your hat + your bracelets + YOU!

    Its funny that it's only Tuesday + I can't recall what I did Sunday! Oh yeah, I rested a lot + read some books. It was a lazy day!

    ♥ ♥ ♥



i heart love notes....