Monday, June 7, 2010 little 'to do' and monday music inspirAtion

a while back my dear friend Jennifer
who is brave and wise and
super talented in her writing
posted about

this "I AM" POEM.

it was a fun little
challenge and i thought it would
be really fun to share and
hopefully some of you will go
and give it a try!!

if you do...please link back to me
and let me know
you did it!!!
i would LOVE to read them!!

so here is how mine played out...

I Am

I am compassionate and funny
I wonder if i am doing what i am supposed to be doing at this time in my life
I hear a train whistle blowing
I see a purple sky
I want to make a difference in the world
I am compassionate and funny

I pretend i'm still 16
I feel full up with love
I touch a beautiful white billowy cloud
I worry for my children's safety
I cry when children are hurt
I am compassionate and funny

I understand that love is all that truly matters
I say God is in control
I dream of my "heartwingsisters" message stretching far and wide and touching many
I try to send snail mail
I hope i am raising my children well
I am compassionate and funny

and this is my monday music for this lovely monday!!



  1. first of all.....LOVE THAT SONG!!!!

    secondly, the light you shine on the world is bright and shiny.

    funny how we both posted a I am post today. Loved getting more insight into you, my friend.

  2. Look at you lady, new blog look, and 3 column even! Way to go!! Look at you grow, grow, grow.
    And you are compassionate and funny, to the max!
    Thanks for the sweet comment, love that I used your "Be brave in who you are". It is in no way better than yours though! Girl, you got to get your shop open and feel the love!
    Are you taking Kelly's e-course? Hubby thought maybe I should. If so, let me know how it is going and if it will help me. I just don't want to jump in if I can handle the waters, you know?
    Love you dearly, love your photo, love your new look!

  3. GOSH DARN!!!
    you are a flippin BEAUTY!!!!!!
    also HUGE 3 column LOVE TO YOU did it and everything is still here...i guess that means that YOU get to teach ME now...
    your blog looks truly wonderful.
    good housecleaning sister.
    i signed up for flying far behind.
    i love you as you most positively should already know.

  4. Love the new look Kolleen and this is an awesome song! I couldn't resist the poem so here's mine. Sorry this is such a long comment.

    I Am
    I am loyal and understanding
    I wonder about the women who came before me
    I hear my childhood calling
    I see myself take flight
    I want to embrace my potential
    I am loyal and understanding

    I pretend to be a bird
    I feel the wind brush by
    I touch the treetops
    I worry for my children
    I cry that time has quickly passed
    I am loyal and understanding

    I understand who I am
    I say it's who I've always been
    I dream of a creative life
    I try to be a loving friend
    I hope to grow old
    I am loyal and understanding


  5. Oh, I so needed this today, dear one! To see your site shiny and fun, to hear beautiful music that makes the heart tap dance, and to be challenged by a wonderful poem. And to know we're taking Kelly Rae's e-course and learning oodles of stuff!

    I Am

    I am thoughtful and creative
    I wonder how the Egyptians really built the pyramids
    I hear the Universe calling
    I see faeries in my garden
    I want my hubby to be healthy
    I am thoughtful and creative

    I pretend I won American Idol
    I feel I am invincible
    I touch the stars above
    I worry about my hubby's health
    I cry when I think of Libby Lu, my 18 year old cat who recently died
    I am thoughtful and creative

    I understand my hubby LOVES me
    I say we are all unified in our diversities
    I dream my jewels make people happy
    I try to be silly everyday
    I hope my hubby's health will improve daily
    I am thoughtful and creative

  6. Hey friend-I made my poem, it's on my blog. That was fun, thank you for that. Have you tried to make your button yet? Let me know if I can help!

  7. Hi Kolleen,
    Your blog is looking fab! Love your I AM poem, and I especially love that you try to send snail mail...ohhhhh this is on my 'try to do more of' list! love love love getting real mail in the post. Thank you for the lovely thoughts and gorgeous enthusiam you sent my way - you are a sweetie!
    Hugs :)

  8. Dear Kolleen..
    Love the new blog it looks so pro bloggerish...SWEET.. I will do my poem on my blog on friday....ok so i have no kids this summer..they go away for 6 weeks so i could meet you or you could come here to San Diego and I have lots of bedrooms for little girls if you want to bring them too...Yes lets get together you

  9. Kolleen,

    Kapow!!!! What a FABULOUS post! I mean incredible and brave and open and BEAUTIFUL. Flying lessons become you....

  10. beautiful post- I worry for my childrens safety too.

  11. I love your 3 columns, Kolleen!
    Which reminds me of how behind I am on Kelly Rae's ecourse...isn't it great, though?
    I love the poem...and couldn't help myself!

    I Am

    I am thoughtful and warm
    I wonder about what happens when our souls move on
    I hear children laughing and playing together
    I see lush trees and green grass
    I want my family to stay healthy and vibrant
    I am thoughtful and warm

    I pretend that I can fly
    I feel captivated by possibility and hope
    I touch a sun-warmed beach shell
    I worry that I am messing up my children
    I cry when things seem hopeless
    I am thoughful and warm

    I understand that our souls are who we are
    I say may God be with you
    I dream of spending more time creating art
    I try to meditate on gratitude daily
    I hope that my children grow up with strong faith and are led by love
    I am thoughtful and warm

    Sending love and hugs to you! Thank you for the lift of this post and exercise! xxoo jody

  12. Hello sweet cheeks you've won my blog giveaway ;)

    Send me an email with your address and i'll get it posted out to you asap!!


    Micki x

  13. Hello in my last post we welcome you to my blog, check it ! Thank you for your visit

    maria Palito

  14. I posted my poem on my blog today. Come on over for a visit :))

  15. kolleen,
    i am
    dancing with you under a purple sky
    that dreams of keeping our children safe
    & where everyone is loved
    & in this place,
    i send you a great big hug
    to celebrate
    your soul that is
    & that is now
    & that is
    just right,
    right now!
    lots of love!

  16. Love the new blog look!

    You are compassionate and funny. And full of love and creativity and joy.


  17. I never met you but I so see you as compassionate a funny. I started the I am poem and wrote -I am compassionate and creative. This is a super sweet blog post Kolleen.


i heart love notes....