Monday, June 28, 2010

.....monday music and i think i NEED to paint!!

(journal i created for my sweet niece Sofia)

wishing you all a happy
happy monday!

i have been feeling a bit
uninspired lately....
not sure why.

we all go through these
ebs and flows, right??
i think i NEED to paint.

just get out a canvas,
paints, paintbrushes, papers
and just DO IT!!!

course i will be listening to some great music while i do!!!
like this...
(and he is not bad on the eyes AT ALL!!)


  1. Wow - another new look - look at you, you may not be painting, but you are certainly CREATING nonetheless!! Go, Kolleen - can't wait to see your new painting - whenever you get to it!! Yes, yes, yes to the ebbs and flows....Happy Monday to you, sweet thing!!

  2. I have been feeling a bit over-inspired. Maybe we can balance each other out?

    I hope you had a good time with the paints!

    Love you!

  3. your blog looks great. getting your inspiration partners out is a wonderful way to get the creative energy flowing. paint, brush, paper, music. sounds like heavenly bliss ..........
    Also I wanted to thank you ... I linked over to Kelly Lish's blog from your button you have here and ended up winning her give away.
    I was so excited. Everything is starting to feel very real to me in this on line community.
    Thanks Kolleen for coming over to my blog and saying hi and leaving comments
    I hope you get more and more inspired as the week goes on

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  5. dearest kolleen, what a sweeeeeeet journal!..
    love your heartsister, the deep red, the great lists of "with me"...much love & beautiful music i wish you in your eb & flow & can't wait to see what you paint! xox

  6. such a good idea to just 'paint yourself through' the ebbs and shine on no matter what... and then find you're happily in your flow again. what a gorgeous journal kolleen, I love the rich colour! happy monday to you too lovely! x

  7. I love the new banner and the whole look of your blog. It is beautiful just like you. How did you make your banner?

  8. Very cute journal painting! Yes, getting out all of the supplies and going for it is the best. And oh yeah, those ebbs and flows happen ALL the time!
    Very cute new banner!

  9. i love jakob--- and HIS eyes!

    glad you got out your paints and hope you feel more inspired now! :)

  10. and by the way- i love the painting at the top of this post!

  11. You Go GIRL! Love your painting! Also love your new Banner! Such a Beautiful Lady! Just popping in to say hi and to let you know I'm having a GIVEAWAY over at my place. I just reached 100 Followers and thought it would be nice to have a lit'l celebration.

    So if you're interested pop over for a peek, okay. Again..LOVIN' your newest painting! Makes me want to create a collage..something I haven't done much of. See what happens when I pop in at your place..INSPIRATION hits me and I now need to either Dance or Paint. Maybe I'll do both!

    Hugs of Love & Friendship,

  12. Love your new banner; so vibrant! I can relate to the ebb n' flow..sometimes I have the ebb, but too much going on for the art to flow! I am glad you painted and freed your spirit! I love the message and insight, very pretty!!!

    Yes, he is easy on the eyes and the soul! Great voice~ I loved when he was with the "WallFlowers"

  13. Sometimes just hearing music I love makes me want to be creative- I forgot about that- thanks for the reminder. For me inspiration ebbs and flows too. I love the look to your blog. It just keeps getting better and better!
    Much love to you sweet Kolleen!

  14. So loving your are flying lady, even if you aren't painting. It's all creative. I'm spending the weekend painting...oh yes i am!

    life is crazy busy here, work is kicking my arse and i need more time to create. can't wait to see what you come up with.

    loving the video, might have to put it on my blog too. i have nothing for tonight, may i steal? i'll post back to ya!

    my girlfriend is coming over to help get orders out and we are going to have vino and make her sister a necklace!! so much fun.

    loves and hugs to you!

  15. I adore your blog and the journal you made and the little people in your banner! ♥♥♥

  16. You are so cute. I love coming here and gleaning from your happy spirit. Thank you.

  17. LOVING your blog header (that photo is SO beautiful!) and your wonderful, serene background! Looks so nice! I totally just went through this overwhelm and getting back into the studio (with no expectations) was such a key to lift my spirits. Buying new art supplies is an amazing motivator too :)


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