Wednesday, June 9, 2010

say whaaaaaaaaaat wednesday???? we are again!
yet another wednesday is upon us!
i had so much fun reading
the answers to last weeks questions about
what our lens captures and why....thank
you all so much for sharing!


i want to know...


right now i am feeling anxious
maybe it is because summer is
here and my regular routine is gone...

maybe it is because i am
and there is SOOOOO much
food for thought that
i am questioning...

"am i doing what i am supposed
to be doing???"
"should i be doing more??"
"what am i afraid of??"

how are you all feeling???
i'd love to know!!


The Secret of health for both mind and body

is not to mourn for the past,

not to worry about the future,

nor to anticipate troubles,

but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.- Buddha


  1. Hi!! Im feeling STRESSED....have teens wanting to take drivers ed and school is out and its raining and my dog is muddy!! That felt good!!:O) Have a creative day Isabel

  2. A bit overwhelmed. So much info in flying lessons. but it is all good stuff just trying to absorb it all.

  3. Sending love and hugs.

    I am feeling ponder-y. That should really be a word. (There is probably a word that means the same thing but I am sleepy.) Lots to think about in the Flying Lessons course. Lots to think about for the whole self-employment thing anyway. I did my first run/walk with my new Vibram Five Finger shoes and have a little sore - not sure if it means they don't quite fit or I just need to break them in .. All good, just good to ponder.

  4. I'm feeling mixed-emotions. It's like I'm in this holding pattern, circling and circling. I feel like what I really need more than anything is a secluded place in nature to get my head together.


  5. I too am overwhelmed by this week, but i know next week will be better. Flying lessons is fabulous but ooooh so much to read and absorb...but wonderful! ooh and you won my giveaway honey so email me your address and ill send you the book. YAY! xxx

  6. Well, you asked and I have to be honest, right? I wish I was saying "inspired, enthusiastic or maybe peaceful or calm". That's not this day, though, maybe tomorrow. This day I have to join you over in the "anxious" camp. Too many loose ends, stuff to do that's have-tos, not want-tos, out-of-country company coming next week.... Thanks for the reminder to get back into my "justbe" mode. I can do it! But why do I need so frickin many reminders??

  7. Hello Sweet Friend! Hmm..let me am I feeling right here, right now? Have you ever heard the expression, "Nervous As A Cat In A Room Full Of Rockin' Chairs?" Yep, that about covers it for me right now. Ha ha

    I too am feeling a bit anxious. Can't fully explain why. I know for sure that I'm really enjoying the ride with Kelly Rae, but she sure has given me MUCH to think about.

    All I can tell you is that I've been running Wide-Open since the very first session. Not only where my creative energies are involved..everywhere else too. Maybe it's just Summer and all the beautiful magic it brings to us all.

    Hey..before I close wanted to tell you that you're sure lookin' good! I'm lovin' that long beautiful hair! I'm trying to let mine grow so I can fit in with all you GORGEOUS California Beauties! Did you know that here in the South y'all are known to us by your long flowing locks? That and your lovely TANS.

    Hugs of Love & Friendship, Terri

  8. Hi from Kelly's flying lessons e-course! I am feeling grateful for this community of people and this class, and so much more!

  9. Hi Kolleen-you are famous! Yes you are! I read all about you on Chrissy's blog! Isn't Kelly's class so AMAZING!! I love her bare bones honesty and info + inspiration. Speaking of community, it is so heartwarming to read of your friendship with Chrissy. the two of you actually look like sisters:) thanks for stopping by my blog today. See you in class:)

  10. love that picture of you! so fun!!

    am i doing all i can? what more can i do? am i afraid of success? i need to write more. i need to take more pictures. i need to sell something. sigh... the jitters...

  11. mindy's comment was hilarious!

    i'm feeling great right now. really good. i just ran 3 miles, i'm painting and putting myself out there, i've stopped reading so many blogs and comparing myself to other artist and i'm just doing. doing is better than dreaming, worrying, hoping, wondering, ect. i now have enough paintings over the past year to see how much they have grown and changed and evolved and how fun is that?

    tomorrow might be another story!! but right now is awesome!

    loves to you!

  12. I love this photograph of you!

    In this moment I am feeling relaxed. Thank you for asking me to check in.

  13. hi love,

    I am feeling 100% scattered all over the place. I'm so far out there right now (mostly in cyber space) that I'm having a hard time keeping my feet on the ground. Judging from what the other "flyers" are saying, this seems to be a trend. She warned us of this right????? trusting that it will all make sense in the end. or at least that i'll have a somewhat clearer sense of just exactly what the heck I'm doing, or where it's all going.

    ahhhhh. I need a bath!

    smooches to you!

  14. I love the quote...such a great place to be!
    My daughter graduated from 8th grade today and I know summer has begun, not officially, but now my time will be harder to rein in!

    I was questioning my path, ready to give it all up, the other day. I have so many interruptions, family wise! We all do, don't get me wrong, but
    when I think I have carved out a slice of time for me, something happens. Phone calls, come get me; Mom my phone broke, can you take it to get repaired, now! Oh, I need a dress, i need a gift, where is this, that?! Where did you put this or that?! Augh! Life gets in the more planning for me ;-D gets me in trouble, every time! I want a Artcation...just
    a couple days of doing art,okay l afternoon!
    Okay, 1 hour...tee,hee No interruptions, how sweet that would be!

  15. ...i'm kinda feeling... that i need a drumstick - vanilla with caramel! :)

  16. almost as sweet as Aimee's drumstick ice cream...I want one!

  17. Frustrated. Wish I were not but there it is. Just one of those days that felt a bit off. But it's also Friday and there's not much to complain about with that now is there?

  18. What a coincidence that we've both been thinking about living in the moment. Learning from our past, cherishing our memories, shooting to reach personal goals...these are important. However, keeping focused on the present is just as, if not even more important - true happiness comes from the now.


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