Saturday, June 5, 2010

....just wanted to say

hi all!!
hope everyone is having a
fan-tab-ulous weekend thus far!!!!

i am crazy busy trying to get caught up with

we are just wrapping up week one and
i cannot begin to tell you all
the amazing, fabulous
insight and information
that i have to chew on....
it is going to take me quite
some time to digest it all!!!
i love all the fellow flyers i am meeting!!!

also..thank you for playing
"say whaaaaat wednesday"
with me....everyone's answers
were so much fun!!!

i'm off!!!

sending love


  1. i'm taking it too {how could i not}!!!

  2. Hi, Kolleen! I love all of the fellow flyers I am meeting too. You guys are inspiring me so much!!

  3. Hey sister,

    I'm so loving class too! Let me know when you make a blog button and I'll put one on my blog!
    Happy Weekend!

  4. say whaaaaaat? saturday?
    what happened to doing this thing TOGETHER?
    sister sue?
    you will have to fill me in...
    im way too behind to start.
    love you!

  5. hi kolleen!
    how exciting that you are doing this!
    wow! i can't wait to see what will emerge from beautiful you!
    & i JUST became a follower...
    it dawned on me that i'd assumed i was...
    kind of one of those "of course i am" things
    & then, oh my gosh, i'm so late on this bandwagon! but i've always been in my heart,

  6. Yes, its defintely food for thought...all good for growth!

  7. Yes, loving the class too. LOTS of info for us! So good. Love the new look for your blog!

  8. p.s. thanks so much for adding me to your sidebar!! just fyi, I am blogging now at
    Thanks again. I have to check out all your reads!

  9. Your blog is inspiring me - can't wait to read more. "Flying" is great, I've learned so much in one week, hope you did to! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments! T

  10. i hear you girl..... websites was the big one for me, totally mind boggling xx


i heart love notes....