Sunday, June 6, 2010

...sunday scribbles

what do YOUR sunday scribbles look like??!!

i would love to know!!!



  1. kolleen! i was so happy to see your blog posting on my blog dashboard thingamajig! oh, it's so sweet to see your sunday scribble! i LOVE the heart on her cheek (& love the heart you wear on your sleeve). i have to say i didn't scribble at all today/but my sweet hubby put in 8 hours at our computer working out a numbering system for my i'll do an imaginary scribble here of hearts around his name...ben.
    lots of love, kolleen! xox

  2. Oh, did loads of scribbling with crayons this afternoon. Rainbows, hearts, stars in so many colors. Purple seems to be Emerson's favorite these days.

  3. My sunday scribbles look nothing like yours! :)

  4. Oh, scribbling, I haven't done that in forever, I probably should.

    Got my new Jack Johnson album this weekend - a sweet surprise from Mr.Wonderful...made my day :)

    To answer your ? about my uninteresting things - maybe this post helps describe it like pictures most people wouldn't take, but I have to grab the camera to capture the moment.

    Have a wonderful week!

  5. I think I need to start scribbling and doodling every day! My creative juices just don't seem to be flowing at the moment. :/ Have a great week. :) Tammy P.S. I LOVE taking pictures of old doors

  6. Sunday scribbling...what a great idea. I don't doodle or scribble, but this is making me feel like I should. I bet I'm missing out on something good - thanks for the tip!

  7. No Sunday scribbles for this lady, I had a bit of a creative funk, oh, yes, i did. So I finished some orders and cleaned up in the studio...don't creative funks just slow us down?? Hubby says they are normal. Hum...
    Hope you have a lovely week my dear!
    much love, big hugs coming your way!

  8. ok
    my scribbles were done in church...SHHHH don.t tell.
    inbetween piano songs that i play for the youth classes in my church...
    i didn.t take a picture, but they were the whole alphabet in upper and lower case with lots of swirly swirls all over the place...
    then for some reason i spelled the word
    with my letters.
    (maybe because i.m feeling NOT...)
    love you


i heart love notes....