Monday, June 21, 2010

.....a little sad & monday music inspiration

(dinner with my girl family.....i love them so much)

My house is quiet...
my heart is heavy but
full up with love and gratitude...

laundry is piled on the floor
but i don't care because
it is a reminder of the amazing
women i had staying with me the
last 4 days. i wish the piles were higher.
it would mean they were here longer.

i cannot wait to share more
about my time with them,
but right now....

i am going to sit with it,
let the tears fall and
the gratitude fill me up
that God has blessed me
with such amazing women in
my life.

(i miss these toes!!!)

i hope everyone is well
and you enjoy today's choice for
monday music!!!

sending love!!


  1. Ahhh super photo of you all, and love the feet photo too. Looks like you had an amazing time, soak it up and savor my lovely. xxx

  2. oh sugar!
    i recognize that restaurant. did you eat the fab favorite?
    i am sending all of my little hug fairies over to pick you up and help you remember all of the wonderful times you just experienced...and they will hold the tears for you.
    i can.t tell you what a blessing it is that you have so many wonderful women in your family. oh my goodness.
    and you all have the best looking feet.
    you sit.
    when you are ready...i am here.
    ears open to hear all about it.
    love you girlfriend!

  3. Ohhh, LOVE this! You are right - you are lucky!! My group is a little smaller, just my sister, my sister-in-law and me, but we started the girl get-togethers about 10 years ago and there is nothing like it!!! NOTHING!! Especially when you have a lot of history. Did your voice get hoarse from all the chatting and laughing?? Ha ha, never a lack of things to talk about with a bunch of women that you know well around!

    I am recovering from company as well, my nephew and family who live in Cambodia and I only see every few years, so I can relate to the bitter-sweetness once they are gone. So glad you had this time together, especially at the beach!!!

  4. You are blessed because you yourself are such an inspiring angel. I bet they all miss you even more than you are missing them sweet girl!
    Love to you

  5. i'm so happy that the weekend was so blissful!
    and what a gorgeous photo of you all!

    i love the imagery of the laundry pile growing bigger and bigger while you're out there living life to the fullest!

  6. such a lovely time you gals had. you are such a special spirit my friend. your loves just exudes from you and that is why everyone is drawn to you.

    i love you lady, so much!

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your ladies. So happy to hear. I cannot wait to hear more.

    Missing you!

  8. sweet kolleen,
    love the toes
    & love the love
    & love your perspective
    of the higher the laundry,
    the higher the tribute
    & more to savor & miss
    & be grateful for.
    you are indeed blessed
    (& beautiful & a magnet
    for friendship & amazement).
    lol. xoxox

  9. What a beautiful circle of women you have surrounding you. I love the feet photo! Sweet!

  10. Even the laundry pile is spilling over with love.

    I am so glad you had a wonderful weekend.


  11. Such wonderful photos!! Looks like you had a really good time with all these beautiful friends! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  12. Oh Sweet Heartwinged now have my tears to add to yours. I'm such an emotional soul..and while reading your post it reminded me of all the times I felt the identical feelings after visiting with loved-ones.

    My husband always reminds me that these were special times that should be remembered with gladness not the other way around. And I do realize that of course. But what remains is "missing them". That longing..and the perpetual lump in my throat always seems to last about three days after a great-get-together. Then Everyday-Life returns and shows me I need to bounce back.

    Just wanted to say (after all my Southern Long-windedness) that I truly relate. Please give the world your beautiful smile :). I read some place that by actually sends a happiness signal to the brain. So try and cheer up sweet lady.

    And for Pete's Sake..don't go listening to sad music today..Put some of your good stuff on and DANCE IN THE SUNSHINE! LIFE IS GOOD!

    Hugs of Love & Understanding,


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