Friday, June 11, 2010

...good find friday

happy friday!!

here are a few things

that were


for my heart

or my soul

or my mind this week....

1. these sweet treasures i found here.

(so many sweet little goodies)

2. this video that makes me giggle

again and again

3. this interview that made my

my heart smile!!

i hope you all have had a fan-tab-ulous

week so far....


if you get a sec...

head over here

i am guest blogging today

for brand new gor-juss mama Liz Lamoreux

to sweet baby Eleanor Jane

(tell me...what was good for you this week??)



  1. I loved clicking through your love list...

  2. Fun list; I will go check out your interview! I have a feeling it will be inspiring and/or heartfelt! (((HUGS)))

  3. oh kolleen, i just read your interview (& left a comment there). soooo moving, dear. lol.
    & yes, i too heart smiled at aimee's.
    i love ALL these heart smiles.
    as for me this week...
    my 14 yr. old's arriving home soon from his week-long bike trip/can't wait to see him..
    & really fullfull of lots happening...
    lots of birthings readiness.
    lol always. xox

  4. Oh I love all of your "good" things! That little cookie cute!

  5. why oh why am i always the last one on the bus?
    my heart skipped a beat when i saw the news you were on mama liz.s blog today....COULDnT be a more PERFECT guest to have in my opinion.
    love that you shared about chandler.
    love how you love that dear boy k.
    this post was a wonderful surprise and made my heart SING!

    oh how i love you.

  6. Happy weekend! I am off to read your interview. :)


  7. Thank you for telling me about your experience with the retreats and workshops. I have wanted to do one for so long, but
    like so many, just don't have the confidence. Flying lessons is really going to help and with fellow classmates like can it not.
    You have a awesome weekend too.
    We finally got some sunshine today and I think it's going to last.

  8. Dear Kollen,
    I just read your interview, looked through your good finds, and love stuff.
    I see in you via this blog your soft but oh so strong presence. I hope I can continue to be witness of you. Let's stay connected.

  9. This week had it's ups and downs as usual, but Friday was so good for me.
    A walk.
    A swim.
    A nap.
    A date.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  10. the guest post was so moving! it was so nice to see you and your son there. love you!

    btw...i adore the look of the new blog......yay! awesome :-)

    love you dear kolleen!

  11. I clicked on all of your links (wonderful) and loved your interview most of all- so honest and real. What a wonderful perspective about autism. I love that you came to that, in a minute, when looking in the review mirror. So authentic.


i heart love notes....