Monday, August 30, 2010

....reach and some monday music

(my latest little creation)

i am feeling transition and change
surrounding me....
i am not sure if it is
the slight change of weather,
the knowledge that fall is
right around the corner,
the inspiration i have been
exposed to as of late,
the heavy but meaningful
conversations that i have held
near and dear to my heart
over the past several days....

i don't know....but i feel it,
i taste it.

and slowly but surely i am starting to "REACH"...
i am starting to feel it is time
for me to put one foot in front of the other...
easing closer and closer to the edge...
and then...
taking that LEAP!!!!

anyone else want to join me???

here is my choice for today's music...
it's from a soundtrack i never tire of!


i am looking for a name to call my
little guy in this painting.
any ideas as i have several sketches with him??


  1. k
    THIS is the eddie vedder song i was wanting you to send me!
    crazy coincidence...? i think not.
    LOVE it!
    i have been watching you reach for over a year now my dear, isn.t it funny how sometimes we think we are standing still but those close to us can still see our movement?
    i am waiting for your LEAP.
    and i, for one, will be right there to watch the take off
    the landing!
    and i.ll be raising my pom poms high and cheering loud!
    maybe even some high leg kicks for emphasis.
    i love you so very much sweet heartwing sister.
    so glad we are on this journey together.

  2. sending you love dear. lots and lots of love. I say you call him "leap" or charlie. :)

  3. I am excited for you to take that leap! This creative journey is amazing isn't it?! Wish I could help out on the name but that is always a challenge for me. I am sure you will come up with something great! :)

  4. Oh to leap with freedom and abandon and fly with the wings of your heart...isn't it exhilarating?!?!?

    How about Eddie V for the little guy, since Eddie's song is playing? And we do love a cute guy who can sing to us =-)

  5. how about instead of a
    lemon drop,
    you name this one

    lots of love
    to you
    in this
    reachy season.

  6. hey girlie,

    As much as I hate to see summer fading, I was get a sense of renewal and motivation to take on new things when the fall comes around. Maybe that summer is so external and busy and I look forward to turning some of that energy inward to touch base with myself again. We are all here to support you and cheer you on as you gather the strength and courage to LEAP! I think you'll find yourself soaring higher than you ever thought possible.
    I, myself, am feeling the need to take that step. BIG TIME. You are an inspiration and I can't wait to watch your wings emerge and take you UP, UP, UP!
    Love you miss K!

  7. I think you should call him Eddie too. CUTE! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! ♥

  8. eddie vedder has such an emotive voice- one of my favorites and i love that he continues to grow and do knew things- he's GREAT

  9. Eddie - perfect for a hippy-happy-pineapple-y little dude!

  10. Hmmm, this little guy looks like his name should be Lou or maybe Louie.

    Thanks for love on my last post sister. :)


  11. such a beautiful song (and film too, so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time). And hooray for reaching and leaping! I think the feeling of transition definitely comes with the change of season... I'm feeling it here too sweet Kolleen - crazy to think that we are heading into Spring over this side of the world while you're heading into your fall! x

  12. Hi Kolleen..its Robin..aka smartee from is my new blog..I was away for such a long time...major overload..Hope all is well..!my old blog is used for art promotion...if youd like to visit there..Take Care..!

  13. I like Eddie V too. He looks like an Eddie. I know you LEAP will land you into a world of wonderfulness (is that a word?) When ever I go to your blog or read your posts on fb-I feel your very positive energy-you are such a bright light! Love you Heartwing Sis!

  14. ok, i have to go with rachel's "lemon lift"...just love that with his arms reaching high, lifting your spirits!

    i feel your energy and am so excited for you my dear. you can go as far as you are willing, you just have to reach...

    love to you!

  15. I think it is time for you to let your voice be heard! I think Percy is a good name for a poignant pineapple. I am glad you feel the shift; it is your soul's compass pointing you in the right direction!!! xXx

    off to enjoy Eddie~ Thank you!

  16. LEAP girl, it's time! I'm so happy for you- you are on your way. Sending you light for your journey... I am loving your little guys hair! It's like he just leaped and landed, that's why his hair is up. funny. xoxo


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