Wednesday, August 25, 2010

say whaaaaaaaat wednesday???


i am not sure about everyone else out there...
but for me since summer is over
i am trying to get
back into routine,
get a little more structured,
get a little more disciplined
with my time,

so today...
tell me...


For me...
I like to try to rise before the rest of my household
(now that schools' back in session),
grab my cup of coffee (this is a MUST),
sit down and write my "morning pages"
and then head out on a walk before
my house wakes up!!!

what do you do???
please share!!

oh fun was last week
reminiscing about our tween/teen crushes?!?!?
thanks for playing along!



  1. My morning routine:

    coffee and paper with the hubs. Send him off to work. Emails. Exercise. Head up to the studio, if I'm lucky. :)

  2. I love getting up early too...
    before everyone...the girls are too young still to be left in the house alone.

    YOUR girls are gorgeous!!!! (last post)

    HUGS have a great evening sweet lady!

  3. koolllllleeeeeeeen!
    ok...i'm just leeeeeeeaning into you
    right now, dear friend!!!!!!!!!!
    alright...i'll try to keep my mind on
    this new fun subject you've brought up!
    morning routine ~
    i want to begin by saying yours is ideal
    in rachel's world.
    i've GOT TO GET BACK to morning walks.
    i LOVE them!
    i have no trouble maintaining my
    cup of coffee when i get up
    & i too like to get up before the kids...
    we'll see how this yr's school routine goes..
    my oldest is starting a new school &
    his day will begin earlier.
    the key for me is simply
    somehow quiet space to begin.

  4. OK.... up, clothes on, grab the ipod, out the door. I always walk first thing and get that out of the way. Not that I don't enjoy it, but I just feel better when it's done. Because I get dressed in the dark, I'm always embarrassed if I run into anyone since I do not look my best! Oh well. Then it's the newspaper and the power drink and I try to do some household chores before I start working on anything and try not to let that get out of hand! Whatever I'm doing at around 10:30, I stop, make my capuccino and go out on my deck with my journal and whatever inspirational book I happen to have handy. I swear by that like a religious ritual and it has served me well - often my favorite part of the day!!

    Good question - I'm going to come back here later so I can see what everyone else has to say!

  5. I will be back to my classroom, so I get up before everyone else, drive to work in the dark, with a bagel,get to school before anyone else to start my day in a quiet way...before 23 students march up the stairs! I used to have lots of delicious hot coffee, but had to give it up. It'll be a switch at work!

  6. COFFEE !!! My morning has to start with coffee. So I wake up then crawl downstairs make coffee then I get my running shoes on and go for a short run. Then come home and make breakfast put it on the table go upstairs wake them up and thats that. When I drop them of I go run again . I love routine so thats mine over and over again. Kissees to you my friend Gloria

  7. happy Wednesday sweet Kolleen! i'm so very impressed that you do morning pages :)

    the only thing consistent about my morning routine right now is the coffee!! xo

  8. I have just this week started a new morning routine which consists of getting up an hour earlier than I used to and walking the dog early, rather than later in the day, therefore giving me more time to actually get some housework done as well as art, so far I like it, it's nice and quiet in the early morning, no one to see that I don't have make up on and that i've not done my hair ;)


    Micki x

  9. Your quiet morning routine sounds perfect, especially the fitting in some exercise part. I'm hoping to get moving in this area again as soon as next week...I can't wait!

  10. i loved our morning routine of sitting on wooden stools over looking the beach, sharing so many heart dreams and nibbling on fresh fruit.
    can we do that again?
    here...i have to get exercise out of the way so i wake at 4:30 and go to spin class. i.m home before any little toes hit the floor. then its ALWAYS prayer and scriptures before anything else. keeps me grounded. once the kids are up and at em...all routine goes flying out the window.
    love you so much.

  11. I try to get up around 6:30, take care of the dog, eat breakfast, do a little blogging, and then head out for an early walk. If it is my laundry day I will try and get that done in the morning too. So I have some afternoon time to paint! I am so much better if I keep to an early morning routine rather than let things go till later in the day which at times I am prone to doing!
    I definitely need to keep structured and could use some more discipline! :)

  12. Hey honey. Currently its just a lovely cup of tea and a quick catch up on emails and blogs etc. I try to take a break mid morning and get a little bit of fresh air in my lungs too. :-) xxx

  13. hmmmm, I rise at 10 til 7am wake the kiddos and clean the computers off(germ freak) open my windows and check all email fb ect... pop a few hershey kisses and take the kids come back and stretch, wlak doggie and Im ready!:O) Love the way you write in the morning:O)great idea

  14. that's so adorable, kolleen. i do the exact same thing each morning- coffee and my morning pages, then a walk. i was just thinking this morning how important it is for me to do those things or my life feels really off balance :)

    xo, juliette

  15. first i have a cup of coffee, then another, then one more!

  16. Kolleen,
    After my daughter heads out the door for the bus. My beagle and I watch her in the window. I have coffee, then morning pages, and a quick walk. Sometimes I walk first, then coffee and morning pages. I have missed my morning pages; I found them a bit challenging during the summer. After I walk, I want a better cup of coffee, make a cappuccino and check blogs. Then my day starts...

    Fun to read; Great idea ;-D xXx


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