Monday, August 23, 2010

monday music inspiration.....

(first day of school)

when Sydnie was about 1 and Sophia
was 4....she turned, wrapped her arms
around her, looked at her and said
"ill stand by you".
(que mom....goosebumps, tears!!!)

now they are 10 and 7 and even
though they fight like cats and dogs....
(and let me tell ya...they DO!)
i know she would still say
to her little sister...
"ill stand by you".

so...tell me,
who do you stand by???


  1. AWESOME question
    {and i LOVE that i am thee first to answer it}
    i stand by
    my hubby
    my 5 children
    my dad
    my brothers
    my close friends
    my Savior
    my God

    (i love that i stand by YOU in all of this beautifulness too!)

    huge first day of school hugs to sydnie, sophia and chandler!

  2. you, my dear, are delicious. you shine from the eyes of your children. i stand by motherhood. children. mankind. faith. the power of love. family. (not necessarily in that order) oh yes, and awesome questions with infinite answers.

  3. Oh my gosh Kolleen, my sister called me today and when I picked up the phone she started singing this song! I stand by my man, my kiddos, my lovely sister that called and sang to me, my girlfriends,all my bloggy friends, and many more.. Love this song.


  4. Great post, I used to get in fights with boys at school defending my little brother, he was a bit of a wimp and so were his friends so I fought all their battles for them he's 6ft 3 inches tall and no one would mess with him, it's his turn to stand by me :)

    Nowadays I stand by many who are close to me, family and friends my dog... and hopefully some others who are not so close, in the way of helping with charities and the like, lots of people and animals too need someone to stand by them, I might as well try and do my bit :)

  5. Your girls are GORGEOUS! Just like you :))

  6. i'm w/jane ~ your girls are gorgeous like you!
    love their melty thing said!
    & as for your question
    i stand by
    the One who whispers
    rivers of poems
    seashells that wash in
    whales swimming deep
    a brief flower
    a warm rain
    honest dreams
    vulnerable loving.


  7. So beautiFULL, dahling!

    I stand by freedom of speech and the pursuit of art, the awesome love of family and friends, unity in diversity, my sis and all her special friends, and all animals great and small.

    And I stand by the thrill of the first day of school. Whata' adventure!!

  8. It's hard to believe that school is starting already!

    I stand by love. And beauty. And delight. And kindness. And joy.


  9. Kolleen they are gorgeous, so gorgeous. Love that song- I forgot about it!

  10. This is beautiful; So glad you shared! I stand by my family, my friends, the ones I see often and my blog friends! I now will have this song in my head for the rest of the night ;-D

  11. So beautiful dear! Your girls look so sweet!
    Boho Market Blog

  12. Kolleen your girls are beautiful. Look at the light that shines through their eyes.
    What a wonderful question- with out question....My sweetheart and each of my sweet kids. My Heavenly Father. Our Savior. My genuine friends.

  13. great song choice- i've always loved that song!
    what sweet sisters


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