Tuesday, August 10, 2010

....loving things for what they are

i was out and about visiting blogs yesterday
and stumbled upon THIS fabulous post!!

so...i wanted to post some of the things
that i love for what they are.

my silly, silly girls who always make me laugh

the view outside my window on my trip
back home to illinois

rain on a hot summer day

seeing God's creatures in their natural habitat

the spirit of life that so obviously resides
inside my youngest

fun times with good friends

my goofy almost 16 year old daughter
at dinner last night

crispy green beans from P.F. Chang's
(truly addictive)

the way candlelight dances throughout
my home each night

"we love the things we love for what they are"
- robert frost

so...what are some of the things
you love for what they are???


  1. What a fabulous crew you all are. And I love, love, love the floppy hats!

  2. the sound of laughter in my house. ♥

  3. ...the bushel of quail in my backyard
    ...when I make my man giggle
    ...sunshine on my newly painted toes
    ...the gift of friendship

    Oh, I could go on! What a lovely post today, dahling :)

  4. Beautiful Post! I am a candle freak too! I love hearing my college aged kids all three together and laughing like they were kids again!

  5. I love
    - my family
    - my beautiful doglet
    - chocolate ☺
    - laughing and meaning it
    - sitting in the sun, in my lounge on a cold winter day

    Beautiful post! ♥♥

  6. I love your 'loves'...especially the photo with the great hats. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  7. I must have those green beans.

    Good question:
    - real laughter
    - feeling the warmth of the sun on my face
    - a puppy's sigh

  8. Ohhhhh this post is SO wonderful.

    I loved reading all that you love!

    You are a sweet dear beautiful person.


  9. How great is this post???! You are adorable and you must be even more so if I can read that in your words here without even knowing you in person!

    My loves:
    unexpected happenings (like today we met a man with 30 pet rats, weird but fun)
    My children loving each other
    My husband patting my backside even when it is inappropriate (like at target in the tampon isle)
    My comfy bed filled with my family
    The wet whiskers of my doggie dripping on my lap hoping for some love


  10. Love it Kolleen!

    I think it's important to remember to love ourselves and each other just the way we are. :)
    Love to you,

  11. So lovely my dear! I adore your photos. I love nature, my entire family, my hubby's eyes because when he sees me :) I love laughs and smiles!
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  12. love the ticking of my coo coo clock i inherited from lola, my grandmother-


    the buggy sounds of a summer night

    the snoring of my dogs right NOW

    a quiet night

  13. So great Kolleen! You and your family and friends look like such fun! I am definitely doing a post like this.

  14. Loved reading this post Kolleen. Your posts always make me appreciate life a little bit more-thank you for that!
    I love the way my little dog is so happy just to wake up each morning, all wagging his little tail and anticipation breakfast, the same meal he gets every single day! hahaha
    I love watching my children eat
    I love the peaceful feeling I get inside when I'm near the ocean
    I love when I'm working on a project and I fall into the "zone" and forget about everything around me, including time or hunger

  15. love your post!

    let's see,

    mochas with my love
    rain and open windows
    dancing with my love
    my kitty is healthy and happy right now
    sweet kisses on my back

    love you lady!

  16. great post!

    here's my mine ...

    i love hearing my daughters giggle
    i love watching my husband sleep beside me
    i love smelling cupcakes baking in the kitchen
    i love drinking earl grey tea anytime of the day or night
    i love life

  17. i love the colors of the rainbow.i found this year sitting on my front porch that the dew drops on the top of the grass blades makes a crytal rainbow with the sun light bouncing off of them.it was magical.i love bieng an artist and wife and mom.


i heart love notes....