Friday, August 13, 2010

.....a day late

i am a day late for my
"say whaaaaaaat wednesday".....
my days are all screwed up for some reason!!!

so....please watch this video

then answer
THIS question....

what do Y O U
DARE to do?????

i can't wait to hear!!!



  1. Every now and then I like to take giant leaps and the thrill of going for it never gets old. And if I remember not to focus too much on where I might land, this makes the entire experience that much more exciting and rewarding.

    Thanks for posting the inspirational video and it was fun to watch (really loved the music part of it.)

  2. My sweet k...I just watched this in silence at the beach. Not sure what the music was...I had to make up my own. You always make me think...DARE! Hmmm! I think one of the best things I dared to do was to sign up for UNEARTH. It was totally scary for me..but the blessings I received for taking that jump were ENDLESS! I am still breathing in the love from that dare!
    I love you sis!

  3. Whoa, what an awesome video! I signed up for a painting class with Judy Wise in October at Art & Soul. I won't know anyone there and I'm really nervous, but I'm goin for it.
    Happy Friday Kolleen, thanks for sharing. Awesome!

  4. Great video and the message is awesome. I dare when I go to my track work outs..So every week I dread track work out because I am the oldest girl the slowest girl . Then I think to myself thats just an excuse if I want to get faster I have to show up every time, and I do. Its funny because after I feel so proud of myself for going all out and giving everything. I am getting faster and I love that I had the umph to show up and do my best,
    Thanks miss K...I love you.

  5. I loved this video. I dared to say yes to an acting role in an upcoming play. That was huge for me considering my recurring dream of stage fright. Happy Friday!!

  6. That was so fun to watch...hmmmmmm. Sometimes it feels like each day has a dare in it for me. The Brave Girls Camp is something im daring myself to do-I know it will be wonderful, but I am a little nervous.

    When I was struggling with panic attacks, I would dare myself to go to a restarant and eat a meal all alone. If I got through it with no panic, then it was a victory! If not, then it was a week of depression and then some time before i would dare myself again. Oh life can be such a crazy thing at times. xo

  7. I am daring to BELIEVE that I can do anything!!

  8. p.s. that video was great and I will keep it in my mind as I dare to do something in my personal life.

  9. Oh,my goodness.... I LOVE this....the thoughts that are contained in this one minute plus video are astounding. I'm not really sure yet how to answer, but I could so relate to the backing up and backing off part. I have so been there and often still am, but the DARING part brought tears to my eyes on many levels - the highlight of my morning! Thanks for sharing this, sweet Kolleen!! Totally inspiring!!! XOX

  10. Loved the video Sweet Heartwinged Sister! Its been a while since I visited your place..and I've sure missed your beautiful smile. Thanks for dropping by my place earlier and it meant so much that you're liking my new pieces.

    Okay..back to your question for the day. Hmm,let me see..I'd have to say that most recently my husband dared me to drive in Atlanta traffic. Some of the worst in the southeast region. All those cars whizzing by me at 90 miles an hour..Kind of reminded me of the wolf snarling in the video.

    Well..low and behold I did manage to get there and back without one dent in the fenders. My nerves on the other hand, were ready to fold in the minute I pulled in the driveway. :))

    Guess that's not actually a big dare by most standards..but it was a pretty big one for me. I much prefer the slow pace of studio life.

    Hope you and all those you love, have a great weekend!

    Hugs of Friendship & Georgia Sunshine,

  11. Kolleen, This was great, amazing! mmmh,I dare to
    continue on the path I think I am suppose to be on. Loved ones question me, but this is okay!
    My soul has been sad, not doing what I love, didn't make time for it. I allowed others to suck the lives out of some of my dreams. Not any more! xXx

  12. Wow, that video spoke to me. I'm daring myself to take my art to a new level, shopped and prepped for it today. I'm hoping I can find my style, I know it's in me, I just have to dare to find it!
    love you!

  13. hi lovely Kolleen, loved watching this, how inspiring! i'm daring to believe that anything really truly is possible!! we just have to take that one (often scary) first step forwards towards the seemingly impossible for things to begin - what a perfect reminder of that! hope you've had a fab weekend x x x

  14. All I can say is this video brought me to emotional tears. The courage that is burried deep but you know is there.
    Thanks Kolleen for sharing

  15. kolleen, what a powerful video!
    i'm daring taking it IN!
    thank you for sharing, dear daring darling!


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