Wednesday, September 1, 2010

say whaaaaaaaat wednesday???

happy wednesday my friends!

question for today....


the unexpected goodness of a sweet flower
nestled on the beach

the unexpected goodness of two sisters
being kind to one another!
(these's a rarity with my two youngest!)

the unexpected goodness of a heart someone
left behind
for others to find

the unexpected goodness of a mama
carrying her baby on her back......

so ...
what have YOU found lately???

Please share!!!


  1. I love the leave behind heart :)

  2. LOVE your finds, dearly.
    the WHOLE concept of FINDS
    has been a find
    over the past 24 hours for me
    in a BIG way
    (i'll tell you more later
    if i can remember!!) ~
    i'll leave you at least
    with my experience yesterday
    of finding
    a beautiful agate
    in a most
    unexpected place.
    heart pitter patter gift.
    thanks for asking
    & being part of the story.

  3. Love the pictures and how you make us think:O) My recent goodness would have to be an unexpected post on my fan page from my cousin, what she wrote it was just what I needed to hear:O) Thanks for sharing:O)

  4. Beautiful post Kolleen! These pictures are wonderful! You have captured some lovely moments! And I love the heart left behind.

    My recent goodness is how many wonderful people I have met through my new blogging journey! I received so many nice comments on my post yesterday that I was overwhelmed!

    Great post! :)

  5. these photos are so adorable! you've really put a smile on my face! and i just love that hat you're wearing! my unexpected goodness today is the new baby bunny that just started showing up at my doorstep :)

    best wishes!

  6. Yesterday about 20 California quail were in my back yard eating "dinner" as a family. Then woosh! they were gone when my cat peeked over the fence. It was so sweet watching the parents round everyone up and hearing their sweet little calls to get the kids attention (all children are the same!). It was a special moment being witness to that :)

    Happy Day to you, dear one <3 <3

  7. Gorgeous pictures and I love the fact that your babies were nice to each other!

  8. omg....that little baby duck! how cute. what an amazing capture of a photo....

    you have delighted my eyes and you continue to delight my heart. i love watching your journey! thanks for taking me along.

    love you!

  9. I rediscovered a drawing with a little note that a student from the past had given to me. It warmed my heart and made me smile.

  10. Such wonderful photos my lovely. The goodness Ive found recently is the joy in relaxation, yoga and giving myself permission to do so without worrying that I'm not "creating" or doing something else I think i should be. Xx

  11. Love the post ...I like how because of you we get to go to such a good unexpected goodness was found in the mail..get this i won a giveaway that was supposed to be a magazine but instead she sent me a painting..imagine my surprise I was crazy happy..I still am...

  12. Lovely my dear! I always find goodness when I hear "I love you", and I love to say I love you too :)
    Boho Market Blog

  13. the unexpected goodness of a message from future me (i was journaling). she is very loving and supportive so it's always nice to hear from her. :)


  14. Such sweet images...thanks for sharing. Goodness is everywhere if we look with an open mind and heart.

  15. Dearest Kolleen,

    These finds
    are such
    much like

    Thank you for sharing
    so we can witness too

    Over the weekend my love and I found our favorite taco stand (that we know perfectly well) but the stop wasn't planned! On the way home I spotted a group of what I thought were peacocks under a tree! We turned around to discover they were not quite peacocks but something else (wild turkeys?) Either way, I collected 5 wild feathers all unique and different :) I couldn't help but think of all my dear soul sisters.

    Lovins to my Heartwingsister :)


i heart love notes....