Wednesday, August 18, 2010

.......say whaaaaaaaaaat wednesday???!!!


thank you all for taking part in last week's question
about things we are DARING to do!!
so fun to read everyone's responses!

so today....
tell me this....


having 3 daughters (almost 16, 10 and 7 going on 21)...
i always hear the "oooohing and aaaahing"
over taylor lautner, justin bieber, the jo bros,
rob makes me giggle
and takes me back to thinking
about who my big crushes were!!

this sexy many was my absolute, positive
#1 crush....there was really no one who came close....
i mean look at those long locks, the full lips,
the sex appeal!!! i think i have
seen him in concert more time than
i can count!!

look at him now....
better than ever!!

come play along!!
can't wait to hear!!


  1. Cute; I had a thang for David Cassidy; I went and saw him in concert, when I was much screaming and carrying on! This was the first one, I had many others, but this one brings back all the giggles! My Mom was pregnant and took me to this crazy concert...Poor Mom! xXx

  2. Oh I had so many crushes I couldn't possible list them all, I always fell for the bad boys though ;)

  3. ha ha. that is cute. love bon jovi, i loved Rob Lowe, the guy from Karate kid, ricky schroder, new kids on the block. o.k. showing my age. i am sure there were plenty more too.

  4. love this opportunity to flashback to the 80's... i had the biggest crush on one the player from duran duran. wonder what happened to all of the posters that i had on my bedroom walls. hugs and hearts!

  5. My walls were covered with cute, hot hunks! And horses. Whata' combo! Let's see...Shaun Cassidy (The Hardy Boys), Greg Evigan (BJ and the Bear, anyone??), Donny Osmond, Michael Jackson, Adam Ant, and Steve Perry. Oh, I'm starting to swoon all over again :)

  6. Well, I'm really going to date myself here... but I had pictures of Ricky Nelson cut out and put in my scrapbook.. in fact, I think I might still have it!

  7. Hi Kolleen! Great post! And for me it was Tom Cruise! From his Top Gun and Cocktail days! lol

  8. I'm with Patty with dating myself with this one..but here goes:

    Elvis. Don't even have to give his last name now do I? Seeing how I was born in Memphis, it was just part of the air we breathed to crush out on this beautiful man.

    God even blessed me once to actually see him in person on the Graceland property. This was before the road leading to his mansion went four-lane. Now I've truly dated myself. :))

    Anyway..he was out riding horses one afternoon with his then-wife Priscilla. My dad had to pick up some dry-cleaning across the street and while he went in I waiting in the car. And before I knew it I heard all this screaming..people getting out of their cars and literally leaving them running in the middle of the street..

    And Elvis was such a gentleman..he rode right up to the fenceline and leaned down and touched a few hands reaching towards him.

    Never could figure out why all these people were screaming. I was just a kid but it seemed strange to carry on like that.

    Anyway..when my dad came out with his starched shirts, he saw all the commotion. He simply got in the car and said, "Well, what ya know..there's Elvis."

    He started the car and we pulled past all those yelling people and I remember Elvis looking as we passed, he simply smiled. And so did I.

    He was the most beautiful man I've ever seen. Then and Now.

    Thanks for reminding me of that day Hearthwinged Sister..this was great fun!

  9. P.S. Apologies for my poor spelling within my comment. Guess I got beside myself looking into yesterday.

  10. Ok..My long life crush is.....JIM MORRISON
    Oh..even writting his name makes me happy. I just loved that he wore leather pants and I love his lips..His hair his songs. I love his music..I had posters of him behind my door and I would listen to him in my little car..I even went to france to visit his grave..Oh gosh one time I kissed an old guy just because he told me he saw him live. I somehow thought this would connect me to him....ohhh Gloria !!! love you K

  11. Oh my stars Kolleen amor, I was mad crushing on him to when I was a teen...oh and also Jake from the movie 16 this day they both still make me ***sigh & smile*** Have a beautiful weekend my bella girl! Besos, Rose

  12. What a blast from the past! Did you have big hair back then? I did, and it's hilarious looking back at some of the photos.

  13. ooo, john bon jovi does look even better now! let's see, as a teen i had a crush on Rick Springfield and when i was younger than that i was in love with that boy from H.R Puffnstuff, i think it was his accent. :) used to watch that show every day after school.

  14. Mine was David Lee Roth...he didn't age as well though ! Oh, and Rick did he keep his lips so wet? lol.

    Fun! big hugs to you dear friend of mine!

  15. hi dear!
    what a fun
    crush party
    you are hosting!
    mine was an older man ~
    richard gere!
    officer & gentleman...
    oi vey!
    lots of love
    to your soft open heart!

  16. i am so sad to learn that there were OTHERS who were lusting after shawn cassidy and donny osmond. i thought i had them all to myself.
    andy gibb...HOT.
    john travolta....STILL gives me shivers.
    tom magnum P.I....older but still was sexy.
    and oh, let.s see....
    clint eastwood...i saw him film "any which way you can" jackson hole wyoming and i was smitten....the monkey helped too!
    you are too much fun.
    only ONE of the many many reasons why i love you so.

  17. My youngest sister went to see Bon Jovi in concert a few weeks ago. She said she took a million pictures of him and he was indeed fabulous. :)

    I liked Tom Cruise's rival - Ice Man? - from the movie Top Gun. Also New Kids on the Block. Also Richard Gere. Possibly there are more ..

  18. mine was George Michael *sigh* I even wanted the same hairstyle - with my hair???!!!! ;)


  19. Yes, it was Bon Jovi all the way for me too. When I saw that he was your's I just had to smile. I do think that he looks even better now, as if that were possible! xo

  20. Yeah, I agree that he does look better than ever now. sigh. Younger I loved Shawn Cassidy and Donny Osmond and then Rick Springfield and Bon Jovi in my teens. So funny to think of that again.


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