Tuesday, August 3, 2010

highway 395

"Every good painter

paints what he is"

-Jackson Pollock


  1. love the photo!
    love the quote!
    love who you are!

  2. How I needed this today, yes I did! The other night my man told me to create with abandon. Create for ME and no one else.

    This post continued to show me the light, sistah!

  3. Ok, I love the post and really love Gwynnie B's hubby. Create for ME and no one else...that is so my darling hubby! ha. i can't tell you how big i'm smiling right now.

    oh, darling hubby also backed up my 88 gigs for me:-) whew! hope you are rectifying your issue soon!

    loves lady, loves!


i heart love notes....