Friday, August 6, 2010


"sisters" come to us in
many, many
different ways....

there are those "sisters" who
we can talk with for hours and who
make us laugh so hard
we pee our pants...

there are those "sisters" who become
sisters through marriage
and are better for it...

there are "those" sisters
who have an innate desire
to protect those younger than them...

there are those "sisters" who
you meet through blogging or
an art retreat
who "get" you and have your back...
who you find hard to believe you
didn't know your entire life...

and there are those "sisters" who
share our childhood,
our ups and
our downs,
and love us in spite of all our craziness
and will pray for us when we need it
and guard our secrets with their lives.

but quite simply....

when it comes down to it,

we are ALL

Sisters at Heart!

i am beyond grateful for all the "sisters"
i am blessed enough to have in my life.

let your "sisters" know today
how much you love and appreciate them!!
i know i am!!!

because, after all...
what would you do without em???!!!

thank you my sweet sisters at heart!


  1. Kolleen, I have no trouble at all calling you one of my sweet sisters and I love seeing this photo of some of our other scarf sisters (I'm getting excited for Nov!!)

  2. Oh...I am so proud to be your scarf sister!!! and to love you and believe in you. To have me inspire me with your words your heart and with your story. Thank you for believing in the sisterhood of us gals...

  3. great post!!

    did you enter my giveaway?

  4. To be surrounded by so much sisterly are truly blessed.

  5. what a great post. sisters are the BEST! i am so glad we are scarf sisters! ♥

  6. You forgot the SISTAS! those crazy girlfriends that bring out the silly, sassy, sacred parts of ourselves. I loved this post! PHOTOS fit like a book!

  7. Oh Kolleen you are so wonderful and this post was so lovely to read. Love ya sister. xx

  8. Sister, sista, sistah, gotta love em, gotta LOVE you, dahling. Delightful post that made me happy knowing that sisters come to us in all ways, and that they rock big time!! Love the love in this post...

  9. This is beautiful, Kolleen! This web of sisterhood we weave is really such an amazing gift. Thank you for the reminder today!

  10. Kolleen you and your sisters are beautiful and I love the message.

  11. I love all the sisterhood in your life.


  12. Growing up with three brothers I never realized what I missing not having a sister. But through the magic of the blogging community my eyes, heart, and soul have been opened up to the incredible love, support, laughter, and good times that comes from having a sister. I love you Kolleen and I concider you my sister.

  13. Hey sister sister...
    thank you for this beautiful Post...lovely commissioned piece...really very cute.
    THANKS a WHOLE bunch for your ever,always,heartfelt words of are very sweet.
    So pleased you had a lovely couple of holidays.
    Sorry I haven't passed by earlier.

  14. Gorgeous Kolleen! this was so lovely to read! so so true. I've missed visiting your lovely space here too, been a crazy old time over my way and I'm so very appreciative of your lovely words of support - cant thank you enough! so glad you've had some fantastic vacation time with your family! xo

  15. Hello my fabulous scarf sister! Without sisters like you, my world wouldn't be the same.

    You are a doll and I love the sisters painting. Whoever is recieving it is a lucky gal.

    Cheers to the sisters!!!!!!

  16. i love this whole sister galaxy!
    i am grateful you are in mine.
    shine, sister star, shine!
    with looooove! xoxox

  17. kol -

    this post about sisters is so wonderful! i am so fortunate to call you a sister. we certainly have a strong bond and it is rooted deep. i count the days when we see each other again. love you dearly!

  18. Hi Beautiful Sister...
    That was such a wonderful post. I count myself as one of your sisters and I feel so lucky for that. I would really love to buy a print of the painting you did for this post-can I do that? It would mean a lot to me to have something of yours hanging here in my home. Lots of love to you sweet, beautiful sister. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  19. Oh I LOVE this! When I first started reading I felt sad because my sister and I get along but are not *close.* But I have all of my creative soul-sisters- I have so many heart sisters that I adore! Thank you for this lovely reminder. Hugs to you Kolleen!

  20. Wow Kolleen I love this post I've stumbled upon it at a time when I needed this reminder the most. Life can get hard sometimes and knowing that my "sisters" through family, childhood, and blogging know what it's like and have your back in a way that cannot be explained is amazing.

    Thanks for the post, thanks for all of your support and sweet comments you always leave on my blog, and a BIG FAT Sorry for me not realizing that responding to you on my blog doesn't quite make it back to you... still a newbie! LOL!

  21. what a lovely blog, I love your pictures and I totally agree with The Sisters philosophy. We couldn't live without them, could we?!
    Thanks for popping by and I am looking forward to our journey together


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