Friday, August 27, 2010

....good find friday and a blessing

happy friday friends!

i wanted to share with you a few
"finds" that either
made me smile,
made me laugh,
made me cry...
or all three at ONCE!!!

* THIS brought tears to my eyes
and a smile to my heart...Tara and Bella
deliver quite the message we ALL
should take straight to our hearts!!!
(why aren't we all more like this??)

*i am simply in love
with THIS artists work....
if you haven't already...
check it out!!

*THIS lovely shop that
recently opened by THIS
lovely soul

on a side note....
(but tHEEE absolute best part of my week)

i became an auntie again to sweet
Isabella Monroe Vancil
born yesterday!!
mom and baby are happy and healthy!!!

this news made me laugh,
made me smile and
made me cry
many many many tears of joy!
another blessing from above!!

so, did you find
any "finds" this week???


  1. Very sweet Kolleen, congrats on becoming a new auntie! I love that doggy/elephant clip, so precious! I just found an Ann Taylor Loft dress on ebay and placed a bid. It's perfect for a wedding I'm going to next month. Happy Friday to you!

  2. YIPPY for elizabeth! her photos are serious eye candy!
    my finds were "offline" this week.
    * i learned a new sewing stich and am loving it.
    * i saw growth in one of my children that thrilled me.
    * i found a rusty old piece of metal on the ground and i.m going to turn it into something wonderful.
    * i put paint on a canvas again...finally.
    * i heard your voice on the phone!


  3. Hey, Kolleen, love your "finds", especially the fabulous Elizabeth!! Besides the elephant video, I ran across another one of one turtle turning another back upright - have you seen that one? Congratulations on your aunty-hood! I became a "great" aunty again last week also to Miriam ("Molly") - a real blessing for my nephew who lives in Cambodia.

  4. Someone shared a video of a hippo that was "adopted" by a family. They wrap it in a pink blanket at night but it's only allowed in the kitchen because it's so big. I wish I could remember the link because it was the cutest thing ever (especially the giant hippo wrapped in a pink blanket).

    Awwww .. thank you for linking to my shop! I am so touched that you like the cards. :)

    Congrats on new aunty-hood! I love the name Isabella.

    Love you!

  5. Wonderful new people to fuel my inspiration-all three were NEW to me! And happy happy news TO BE AN AUNTIE!


i heart love notes....