Wednesday, August 4, 2010

say whaaaaaaaat wednesday???

happy wednesday my sweet friends!!
i hope your week has been good to you!!

i am finally back from the couple
family vacations we have been on
and am hopeful to get all caught
up visiting everyone's blogs
very soon!
i've missed you all!!!!

so today,
i would love to know...

(just began this commissioned piece today...)

what have you been
working on lately
have been inspired to do??

sending love

(if you get a chance....hop on over here
to one of my most favorite persons' blog and
wish her a big, fat happy birthday!!!)


  1. I've been doing art journaling but want to try spraying paint now...messy! I'm also getting motivated to carve another stamp...Have a happy Thursday! ~Kathy

  2. We just returned from a family vacation and I have been catching up on laundry- not my favorite thing to do but I do love clean clothes!

    hope you had a fun vacation.

  3. I was painting some flowers the other day for the first time ever, not sure why I was inspired to paint them, it was fun but i'm not sure it's really my thing though!!

    Micki x

  4. welcome home dear.
    i LOVE the look of your
    painting in progress...
    it holds colors of
    where you've been these days
    of beach & sweet relationship
    that you've been showing us readers!
    & it also shows your heart's softness!
    as for my focus...right now it's august...
    last summer month of boys home..
    we also leave today for a fam. reunion
    & have a fam. wedding the next weekend...
    so fitting in art as i can!!
    peace & love as your purple toes acclimate
    back home sweet home. xoxox

  5. songs, songs, and more songs.

    and a bit of jewelry! :)

  6. Welcome Back ♥wing sister! I'm working on Louise Gale's creative color challenge. This weeks color is sunflower yellow. Good Luck with your new painting and glad you're safely home again. :)


  7. Missed you! So glad you're back! I have Brew/Art show tomorrow and Saturday, so I've been busy getting stuff all ready for that. I'm really excited about it-I'll post pics!
    Have fun with your new painting-cant wait to see it all finished

  8. Welcome back, dahling! You've been missed as well :)

    Boxes!! I'm obsessed with boxes right now and working on a few to share soon. And of course I'm always inspired any time love enters my room...

  9. Welcome Home, I missed you!!! Sounds like a busy summer! Your painting looks intriguing! Me, I made a mess, it was like a snowball out of control at my house. I submitted some art...haven't had the courage to do it, before.
    I decided it was time...

    I will go wish our special friend Happy Birthday!

  10. Let's see here. I have not been working on much but thinking of too much. About to start sewing a new blouse from some vintage fabric of my great grandmother's stash. Finger's crossed I can pull it off and I want to experiment with some table top photography. Now you've inspired me to set up. Thanks!

  11. i have been working on blogging more...even if it's just a photo a day...August is a busy month. i have been inspired to take some steps forward to have the life i want. (more to come on that later) glad you're back! ♥

  12. I have actually started painting horses... I haven't shown them to anyone yet (exept for my husband) so here we go ..


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