Wednesday, July 28, 2010

say whaaaaaaaaaaat wednesday?

don't you just love....
when you open up your mailbox
and inside you find...

a beautiful card from a lovely friend
with a gor-juss photograph
she took

a sweet message from a precious
soul with words of encouragement

a package full with love

and sweet, sweet sentiments
from one of your most favorite people

i get such a lift
when i find something unexpected
waiting for me...

that is my question for today,

have you done or received
anything unexpectedly lately???

i sure hope so!!!!


  1. I have just finished a painting as a surprise for my brother and his new wife, I'm going to be giving it to them in 2 weeks time when I go to visit, I'm hoping they will love it ;)

    Micki x

  2. I just received a lovely letter from a blogger friend. I savored every word as I sat out on the porch and read it. I just adore getting little packages and letters in the mail!

  3. no, dammit!! i have not! :(
    maybe i need to send something out into the world- thank u for the thought!

  4. Hey, thanks for sharing my little photo. I hope you recognized the hearts from the Manzanita beach that Marilyn and I put together! Actually, when I was on my trip, I thought it might be nice to send my hospice patient a postcard. She really appreciated that and today I will bring her some Idaho wild huckleberry hand lotion. Love doing little things like that, meed to do it more often!!

  5. Such pretty things in the mail, what a treat! Getting special things in the mail makes my day too. The most recent exciting thing that I received was when I took the Unravelling course, one of my fellow unravellers sent out postcards that she hand-made to many of the other people in our group. On each one she made a collage of her impressions of the person...the one she made about me was about embracing life, I was deeply touched. Hope you are having a great vacation! xo

  6. It is the BEST to get lovelies in the mail! I just gave an unexpected gift of one of my small paintings to a friend who recently had a good friend who died (she is a florist and was asked to do the flowers for his funeral and that crushed her) so I sent her a surprise gift. Sending you love sweet Kolleen!

  7. Awwe, I love these lovelies from your lovelies ;)

    Last week a friend wanted me to help her paint faces, so I made a painting w/ her. At the end i let her keep my portrait :) She was pretty darn happy which made me pretty darn happy.

    Your pic is so cute!
    Loves to you,

  8. I recently got a text from a sweet friend and a card from N.J. they make me smile every time I look at them...Man I love mail...G

  9. How wonderful; so sweet to have your spirits lifted with such gracious goodness! enJOY~

    I did receive special mail from a generous spirit; Her words shower me with hope!

  10. those are GREAT handlettered sentiments! my eye went right to them!

  11. i received a postcard from my sister via the talented elizabeth. i like email and texts but oh how i miss REAL mail and how i love getting those nice surprises in my mailbox!

  12. I put a few unexpected cards into the mail the other day. And one day I got the sweetest card from a friend.

  13. Hey Cutie! You won my Etsy give away! That makes me so happy! I hope you got your computer all fixed...I would feel lost without mine! Love to you-xo

  14. I love receiving mail too! It is so nice to have something besides junk and bills!! I recently sent a silly game to a friend for no reason except that it looked like a game she might really enjoy. I also sent off a book and a note to a friend who was under the weather. I rarely do this, but I found it to be fun and am sure that I am going to try to do this regularly.

  15. I'm all about letters and postcards! I love them! I've received lovely letters lately and I treasure them :)
    Hope you're having a sweet week my dear friend!
    Boho Market by Giovanna


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