Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SAY WHAAAAAAAT WEDNESDAY?? is that time again!! time to pose the question and excitedly wait for some answers!!!
so with some thought, this is what i came up with....


i would also love to know of your family traditions during the holidays if you would be so kind to share!

today...i am craving an ice cold frosty A&W Root beer!!! Just thought I would let you all know that!!

love to you all! xxooxxoo


  1. Fruitcake is revolting lol especially at weddings!! We had a good old chocolate cake at our wedding ;)
    Micki x

  2. our family tradition consists of watching "christmas vacation" and tearing into the gifts like a mad hare. now my hubby's family like to open gift one at a time youngest to oldest and its so boring and takes forever to open 2 gifts....ha!!! weird how families differ unh?!?

  3. fruitcake should be outlawed, unless you are my dad or my oldest brother...they LOVE it. i think it can last in the freezer for decades and why do they call it "fruit"cake, those aren't really fruits in it are they, they look plastic. JUST SAY "NO" TO FRUITCAKE! our family tradition is to prance through the house oldest to youngest..grandparents included and "jingle" everyone to bed, singing "jingle bells" of course at the top of your lungs...with a full set of antique sleigh bells my mom bought for each family. (she LOVED those) once you are "jingled" to bed...there is NO GETTING OUT OF BED!
    can't wait to see your "NEW" paintings...

  4. I'm not sure if the fruitcake is the cake I eat on Christmas time in my country, its name is Panettone and I love it!! I usually spread a little bit of butter over and it's perfect with a cup of homemade hot chocolate, that's very traditional at home!
    Hope you're having a lovely week!

  5. okay now. hold your reindeer. i freakin' LOVE fruitcake! love. it. it is fruit in there, not plastic. and usually BRANDY. this is my fruitcake story: every year my sister and her hubby get a fruitcake that his aunt MAKES. they hate fruitcake. so....every year, I GET THE ONE FROM THE PREVIOUS YEAR! now, year old fruit cake is not the best let me tell you. but I cannot convince them to give me the new one. what's that about?

    on Christmas morning we sing happy birthday to the baby Jesus. since the children were very little, all the lambs go on the roof of the creche,(dont ask) and the Gloria angel is really a lady seagull, to hear my children tell it. this year my little grandbabies will have their own story interpretation i reckon.

    i just love the holidays. maybe i'll go eat that fruitcake now. why wait.

  6. I'm not brave enough to eat something I can't explain! But the brandy sounds wonderful!!
    Hubby and I are all alone now, everyone else is in Cali, so cooking food together and drinking mochas in bed seem to be our new "tradition"!
    I love your photo-you are beautiful!
    MUAH, Kelly

  7. i have to admit that i have never tasted fruitcake. i LOVE root beer in a frosty mug. and that tradition that Chrissy shared just cracked me up! i can just see her leading the fam jingling all the way to bed..... love her and you kolleen

  8. Fruitcake = yuck!

    One of our traditions is that every year Santa leaves our family a board game because he wants us to spend more time together as a family. I started this back in 1999 so this year makes it a 10 year tradition. :)

  9. omg you are so funny! I am happy to say that I have never had fruitcake.

  10. I have never ever had fruitcake in my entire life. But if I do ever get one I will be sure to send it to Marilyn as soon as I do and not wait a year :)

    When I was younger Santa used to fill our stockings with all little wrapped things, like a toothbrush, deck of cards, something small enough to fit in a stocking. My brothers and I were allowed to open anything in that stocking before waking my parents. But we had to wait for them to open the gifts.

    When I have a family of my own I hope to create many wonderful traditions.

  11. I do not mind fruitcake. I wouldn't buy one for myself, but I'll have a small piece if it's offered. :)

    My favorite tradition (of my own) is putting lights on my Eiffel Tower sculpture in lieu of a tree. It's so pretty.


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