Tuesday, December 15, 2009


yup...it's Wednesday everyone...time for say whaaaaaaaaaat Wednesday question...so here goes

"If you could be anywhere... with anyone RIGHT now...where would you be and who would you be with??"

me...i would love to be with my grandma julie in her kitchen dancing on her feet to polish polka music!!! i LOVED that growing up and always felt so safe in my grandma julie and grandpa louie's house. i have so many amazing childhood memories in that sweet, cozy home in small town illinois! from all the times i spent there coloring, coloring, coloring to grandpa bringing us buggy donuts on saturday mornings. i am SO grateful for the time i was able to spend with them growing up and the impact that had on me now in my adult years. thank you grandma and grandpa! i think they are dancing together right now on Heaven's floor!!

other than than ...i have been busying myself with making Christmas gifts this year. given the financial situation of many (including us)... due to our crazy economy... i started a new tradition in my family where we each drew a name out of a bowl and had to MAKE something for that person. i guess it is my attempt at teaching my kids to tap into their creative sides and to also show them it isn't all about spending money and going out to buy gifts, but rather being creative from our hearts!
the pictures above are of a journal i made for my oldest daughter Mackenzie who is 15 and quite the poet...this post references her gift for doing just that!! i drew her name and thought this just may make the perfect gift! i also made a journal for a very dear friend of mine as a gift. in the interior of the journals i sporadically wrote quotes or my own little messages with some personal photos to make their" journal journey" more interesting...it was made with TONS of love and many personal touches!!

if you are interested and would like me to make one for a friend, sister, daughter, aunt, mom, son, brother, dad, yourself, etc... please let me know as i will be taking custom orders after the holidays!!

Happy happy Wednesday blog loves of mine..loves and hugs comin at ya!!! xxoo


  1. OK. if we're going back in time.... my parents used to live on a lake in Michigan. Our whole family would congregate there, including my dear Grandpa, who loved to sit with us kids and play rook and rack-o. We would spend most of the day swimming and water skiing. My poor Dad would be stuck in the boat for hours dragging us around, but never complained. I wish my parents were here so I could tell them how much I appreciate everything they did just to make sure we all had a good time - at the time, I fear I took it for granted and did not adequately express my gratitude. I hope they can feel the thanks in my heart! Thank you for letting me share!!
    Love the journals and what a PERFECT gift for your daughter that she will cherish always!! Love to you,

  2. I wish I were at my house but that my sister Kim was there with me and we were playing in my studio and darling hubby was cooking for us and spoiling us.
    Cute journal!! I love it! I'm super busy with work right now and feeling sorry for myself. When I get home I'm too tired to do anything but sleep! I'm missing art! I'm all signed up for Suzi's course, now just have to get the lovely Chrissy signed up!
    Hugs to you!

  3. My first thought was that I'd be right here, right now with the people I am with! My sweet husband is working on his website upstairs, Winslow, our dog, is laying right next to me, Ramses, our cat, is curled up on the couch and dinner is in the oven. One of those perfect evenings! Although, reading about your grandma made me think of mine. She lived with us for many years and many of my wonderful memories are of life with her - stories told, books read, cookies baked and wonderful meals enjoyed together. She was a shining star in our lives and I miss her! Sometimes she visits in my dreams and is as sweet as ever!! Love your journal! Hugs, Silke

  4. i'd be snuggled up in front of the wood stove with my randy with our girls out together having a time and our grandbabies dreaming of sugarplums. yes. that's where i'd be. thanks for askin'.
    i looooooovvvvve your journals. and all your heart felt art. and you.

  5. I'd be lying on the beach at Bete Gris (my most favorite beach in the world, in Michigan) with my grandparents there. And Atlas - because somehow he learned to time travel so he could join us and we could feed him hot dogs and try to get him in the water.

    I'm sure she will love her journal!

  6. I saw you on Circling My Head blogroll. I see you like Italian. Stop by and learn a bit of it!

  7. Hi sweetheart! First of all, THANK YOU so much for always leaving such lovely comments on my blog :) I heart them :)
    About your question, It's hard because I want to be with more than one person, I mean I want all my family together, I miss them so much!!!
    I love your journal it's very cute and creative! And what a fabulous idea about the Christmas presents!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!


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