Monday, November 30, 2009

it's monday music inspiration

in staying true to some "structure" to my blog...i have chosen this song for my monday music inspiration. this is the kind of song that is perfect to listen to when you need to be taken to a different place in time. that is... unless you are sitting with your toes in the water and your as* in the sand!! (hopefully none of these lyrics offend anyone!!)

i hope everyone is having a joyous Monday! i am working on several little paintings with a new idea i conjured up in the shower since that is where i seem to have alot of creative ideas...or in the middle of the night when i am sleeping! had one of those last night and thought FOR SURE i would rememember this morning! well...not so much! : ( maybe it will come back to me tonight!

sending my love out! peace!! xxooxxoo


  1. Hey are you? Did u get a chance to check out any of the tunes that I sent you? Hope to hear from you!


  2. toes in the water and as* in the sand. thanks for taking me there. oh how i miss you.

  3. my toes are in the water now. hurrah.

    love you!

  4. Have to tell you, I knew my hubby would appreciate this song - I sent him the link and when I got in his truck last night he already had it on his ipod and wanted to play it for me - loved it!! Thanks, sweet girl.

  5. MUSIC QUEEN!!! oh how i love you!


i heart love notes....