Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Wednesday already everyone!!! Here is my question for this chilly and wintry Wednesday...

(TITLE, ARTIST AND WHY PLEASE...i put the first song that came to my mind!)
(Fleetwood Mac Concert Chicago, Illinois March 2009 - my hubby surprised me and sent me home with concert tickets for my siblings and i. we had already given tickets as a gift for my parents...GREAT NIGHT...AWESOME HUBBY!!)

i am thinking mine would be "We are Family" by Sister Sledge because this time of year to me is all about family. I get quite homesick as i am the only one living out in Cali while the rest of my family is in Illinois. I miss my sisters and brother and of course mom and dad! I miss my nieces and nephews and bro-in laws and sis-in law! We always have so much fun on Christmas Eve...eating, drinking and dancing around in my mom's kitchen...its always really loud with a lot of laughter! I miss it as I haven't been home for the holidays in over 10 years. So yes..."We are Family" would be my song right now since they all have been heavy on my mind as i am forever grateful for all the wonderful, crazy memories i have with them! I love you FAMILY!!!



  1. 'Nothing else matters' by 'Metallica'
    Well that was the first song that came into my head anyway lol

    Micki x

  2. Not sure how well it describes my life right now, but it is totally in my head. Last night my hubby took my out for a drink and I played "I Thank You" by ZZTop on the jukebox. LOVE this song and it is still with me!
    I, too, am the only Californian in my family and totally miss those Midwest Christmases when my Mom served the red Waldorf Astoria cake with eggnog and rum (very risque for her!)while we stayed up till midnight on Christmas Eve opening presents. Lots of great memories - this is the season for them!!

  3. "i hope you dance" by lee ann womack. because.

    and dear kolleen might i just say how much i love you and i think your family is AWESOME.

  4. My song would be you and me by Dave mathews...It makes me sad about what could of been if I didnt get a divorce...but its funny because it makes me have hope that just maybe I will have someone I can grow old with that like me...sweet and sour but its the first one that came to mind...

  5. Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. My hubby sings it to me and makes me feel loved..oh! and Sister Golden Hair by America. He calls me that too. I think feeling loved is what my life is about right now. loved. and I love you my beautiful Italian Kolleen!Hugs,

  6. I am going to have to go with Upside Down by Jack Johnson. I consider it my life theme song. One of my favorite lines in that song is ~ "I'll find the things they say just can't be found." It reminds me to keep exploring and find the things that people say are impossible because nothing is impossible. It brings a light to my world.

  7. Hey Kolleen, I have to think about that more. I just got home and NO songs are coming to mind but I wanted to tell you that I love your positive attitude around Christmas and family- it is a blessing :)


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