Monday, December 21, 2009


(first official commissioned painting....Merry Christmas of my dear friends mamas!)

in sticking with my post from Monday Music Inspiration is this song. i feel my husband loves me in this way and i KNOW it is rare and it is a GIFT. As for Alanis, i have always liked her and respected her creative ability at writing such real and raw lyrics. She is a talent... "What I resist, persists, and speaks louder than I know. What I resist, you love, no matter how low or high i go." Lyrics can be found here. Hope you all take a listen and enjoy!!
here is my youngest, Sydnie with Santa. She asked for a snow globe and a "real" rose. Really?????? Can I just push the pause button now and she can't get any older or wiser!!!! ; ) I am thoroughly enjoying this season with her...knowing she is my baby and is growing up so fast!! She's hilarious!!!

loves to you all!!! xxooxxooxxoo


  1. Congrats on your first commissioned painting my dear! That is wonderful!!
    Take care, I'm so tired I can hardly stand it right now!! Work is super busy right now, can't wait for a nice long weekend!!
    Hugs to you!

  2. Hey girlie!! come over to my blog and see who won my giveaway!! :)

  3. How fun your commissioned painting is! Yaya will love it! And you little girl is adorable - glad you are enjoying this time with her!! Hugs, Silke

  4. Kolleen, I have heard that song many times, but seeing it live really helps you focus on the words. You're right - it's a perfect fit with your previous post. You 2 are a lucky couple!!! Oh - and love Ms. Ya-Ya and the Santa pic is precious. Merry, Merry!!


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