Monday, December 28, 2009


come sit down here next to me with your glass of vino. or coffee. or tea...and let's talk! let's talk about life, kids, boys, girls, art, books, music, food. let's tell each other stories. let's laugh. let's cry. let's be. this is where i am sitting as i type this post...i love this part of the's my favorite room. i'd love some company!!

HERE is my Monday Music Inspiration! This song NEVER gets old to me...I always love to listen to it...sing it and act like I am playing guitar right along with the guitarist!!! (that's quite a picture...let me tell ya!) Here are the lyrics..."i'm amazed at the lack of evolution. i'm amazed at the lack of faith."

painting i did that was inspired by all my friends i made in oregon. miss those gor-juss souls.
Sophia and Sydnie learning to make pumpkin bread on Christmas Eve with Grammie! (it was delish!!) I HEART this picture SOOOOOO much!!

Happy Monday fellow bloggies!!! loves and hugs!! xoxoxo


  1. Oh. my. Gawd..... I love that room and I would love nothing more than to be curled up with you on that couch, catching up, sharing, creating, dreaming, learning and just being (with a glass of vino of course).

    ps.... You're amazing!

  2. Oh how I would love to sit and chat with you there. I am missing you so much. More than you know.

  3. ooooooooo! this made me think of the reason why i felt like i could reach out to you all those months ago. i was in a real "my morning jacket" infactuation and no friend i had on earth knew who they were and when i saw that YOU were listening to them, i just knew deep down inside of me that we were going to be good friends. thank you for bringing me back to that place sweetheart. i love you. i too, like ms. serena want to be with you guys snuggled on that amazing couch, listening to the waves and catching up and giggling. i miss you. let's make it happen. got your text on the slopes made me smile!
    LOVE your painting...i see your development and it makes me smile. love being along for the ride.
    and the picture of the girls with grammie is priceless, honestly...what i would give!
    kisses to you. hope i see you soon.
    all my love

  4. Kolleen dear! Love that painting! It has a lot of depth and color and of course the message...
    I'm so behind on all my blog readings and need to catch up on everyone! I love your wedding photos, they radiate with so much love! Thanks for sharing that part of your life! I miss you my Kolleen and hope to have a glass of vino or coffee with you on that couch this spring and just drink you up!! I wan to meet the darling Chrissy too...I wonder if we could talk her into a visit? She is taking Suzi's class with me and I'm so excited!! Are you sure you don't want to join??
    Hugs you lovely Italian!

  5. I'll be spending part of the New Year in your gorgeous state...
    hope I can come & sit with you awhile in your beautiful home!
    I'll bring the wine ;-)
    Missing you.xoxoxox

  6. The picture of the girls with grammie is lovely! I also love the color palette on your painting!!
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog darling :)

    Thanks for sharing the music!

  7. wow kolleen that is a beautiful room. and that photo of your girls with grammie...priceless. love you girl. love your painting too.


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