Friday, December 18, 2009

IT's time to SHOUT OUT!

this is what i kind of feel like doing right now...Flying!! Flying away from the stresses the holidays tend to bring on even though i FULLY realize they shouldn't!!! I finally boxed up all my gifts to ship to my family in Illinois so that is a big weight gone!! Of course I decided to do all these little last minute things and little creations for i pretty much brought that stress on myself!

Today I would LOVE to send BIG SHOUT OUTS to........

Gloria who is an amazing, creative, beautiful, inspirational, brave, loving, tender beauty who i met in Oregon a couple months ago. She is a gor-JUSS person inside and out...go see her and give her some sugar...tell her who sent ya!!!

Silke who paints some of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen and takes amazing pictures with wonderful stories to match. I love hearing of her German traditions and heritage...she inspires me and i always love visiting her blog to see what she is up too. Go see her and give her love!!

Shonna who always has something new and fun to look at...she is super creative and i adore her sweet paintings!! You have to go visit her so you can see exactly what i am talking about...tell her i said so!!

Thank you girls for the love and inspiration you bring into my world!!! are a few pics from a couple of weeks ago...
my kiddlies decorating our tree...tradition with the hats and the best darn hot chocolate i have ever had...made by my handsome lovely hubby!
the finished how i can lay in bed and see our tree from where i am...great vision to wake up too! and lastly...
hope you are all finding bits and pieces of his through your holiday season!! xxooxxoo Happy Friday one and all.


  1. Oh, I am speechless to find myself as part of your shoutout! And your words meant the world to me!! Thank you!!! You are just such an amazing blog friend and I am glad we met!! Your tree is gorgeous - I love when they are packed and sparkly like that - full of love and light - just like you!! I hope you find some relaxing times now that your packages are on their way! Love, Silke

  2. Hello my lovely Kolleen! i love your tree and your FLY painting!! Chill this next week and enjoy the bliss our your beautiful family!

  3. GUESS WHAT????? i finally got a new computer and it isn't going to crash and as soon as i figure out how the heck to use it, we are going to be in like flynn sister. whatever that means....i miss you and i love you and i love your painting...and i love your children and your tree...i;m done with my finals and i felt your "done dance" for me even if scott wouldn't record it...
    love you

  4. I subscribe to your blog, but somehow missed this post. Thank you so much for the kind words! It means so much to me that my artwork inspires you.

  5. Thanks so fun and sweet...You are ust a doll...honestly..I am so glad I met you..I feel special thanks sweet friend.


i heart love notes....