Sunday, December 6, 2009


here is my inspiration for this fine Monday! hope you all on the word "here" and you will see and hear the video...he's pretty easy on the eyes too!! ; )

i thought i would share the lyrics along with it...there are some GREAT ones in this can find them here.
"You’re the color of the colored part of The Wizard of Oz movie" - love this and
"we'll throw the careful into the crazy". good good stuff!!
i am SUCH a music person and so influenced and inspired by so many different musical styles. it is funny how i tend to pick out one line, maybe two...that just make that song for me!!!

here are 2 paintings i have been working on. i am starting a series of these that i am going to put in my etsy shop. my goal is to have that open up sometime in January...!!!!! (fingers crossed)! I was also asked by a friend of mine to do a painting for her mom!! i am so excited and am going to start that project very soon since it is for Christmas!!
and last but most certainly not baby girl turned 7 yesterday and here she is opening up a pair of boots that she got and just LUUUUUVED!! i am still in the process of writing her birthday letter to her! she is an amazing little soul who has an infectious love for life!!! i strive to be more like her in that realm!! i love you Sydnie Lou as wide as the sky and as deep as the sea! and as she says to me..."mom, i love you the last number"!

Happy happy monday one and all! Peace!! xxooxxoo


  1. Darling Kolleen! Your daughter is adorable, Happy Birthday pretty little Sydnie Lou!!
    I love your two new paintings also!
    Hugs to you,

  2. Happy Day to your sweet little daughter. Love her comment to you..."to the last number"...So adorable!

    Blessings, Carrie

  3. Hey Lady....thank you as always for your comments on my blog and your "shout out"! You are too sweet and I love the pics of you and your girls as well as your ever-inspirational paintings! You are all so beautiful!

    I am feeling slightly better but that flu/virus really drained me of all energy so struggling a bit to get back into things. I will send you more songs glad you enjoyed the last batch!

    love ya lots, Charmaine

  4. Hi sugar mama...
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your new style!
    LOVED hearing your voice today!
    LOVE sydnie's boots.
    LOVE that you are opening an etsy store.
    LOVE that you chose the word EMBARK!
    LOVE you!
    little ol me!

  5. Dearest Kolleen,
    I love the music! Thanks for sharing :)
    Your paintings are adorable, can't wait for your Etsy shop!! I'll open mine on January too, when I get back from my trip :)
    Wish you all the luck on your etsy store!!!
    Your daughter is as beautiful as you. I love her picture, she looks so happy.
    Lots of love for you!!
    ❉ ✿ ✿ ❉

  6. Your baby girl is totally stylin'.

    Happy birthday sweet girl.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. What cute boots!!! I hope your girl had a great Birthday. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!!

  8. Yay for your etsy shop!!! That's fantastic :) Your little girl is so beautiful- happy birthday to her. I'm going to check out the music now... I always love the music on your blog and have actually bought songs from itunes that I heard here!

  9. Hmmmmm .. the song that is in my head is Part Time Lover by Stevie Wonder, though I don't know that it describes my life. Except for the fact that when I sing it, I think that I really need a part-time assistant (or part-time house-cleaner). Does that count? :)


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