Wednesday, December 23, 2009


as 2009 is coming to a close and the New Year is closing in upon us... i would love to know this...


I realize this could be a very hard question for some as there may be many "single best moments" for this year. But try to narrow it down to just one. One that maybe brought many things into your life, possibly even changed it!

My moment was the last evening I spent in Manzanita Oregon during the Be Present Retreat. It was a moment unlike any other I had ever experienced. It was a moment of tenderness, truth, raw emotion and possibly more love than that room could hold!! I literally felt like i could pop!! It changed was a life changing moment that I hold near and dear to my heart...always!

I would love to hear about your moment! That shining moment of 2009!

I would also like to take this time to thank each of you that pop by my humble little blog time and again and show your love. It means so much to me and I cherish your words and your encouragement. I have many aspirations for 2010 where my creativity is concerned...the possibility of taking that etsy jump...even though it terrifies me!! So I will be needing some encouragement as I set some of those goals!!!

with all that being said...I want to wish each of you a very happy, fun filled, lots of laughter had holiday season!!! loves and hugs flying out to you!!


  1. Dear Kolleen, thank you so much for your Christmas wishes on my blog. I wish the same for your family!! And I'm so happy I met you in blogland - you have enriched my life immensely!! I think my single most redefining moment for me in 2009 was when I put paintbrush to paper for the very first time in my life in March. It changed everything and I'm so grateful!! And I'm grateful I started blogging at the same time! Have a very Merry Christmas!! Love, SIlke

  2. Hi Pretty Lady!
    The single best moment of 2009 was when I painted my first self-portrait and felt that high...I felt alive again. I felt beautiful, I felt free, I felt LOVE, JOY! I had lost my creative side when I closed my business and denied for years that I missed being it. It's good to be back and blogging has brought so many beautiful people into my life.
    Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and inspiration! I can't wait to meet you in person in 2010!

  3. it was the moment that i said, "yes. i am leaving my job next may." though i have to say that it felt more frightening in that moment than uplifting (possibly because it is hard to hear my heart through the scream of my logical mind).

    have a merry merry christmas, dear kolleen! i am sending oodles of love to you.

  4. have a wonderful blessed christmas, and may 2010 be all you would like it to be,thanks for all your encouragement, ((hugs))) Karen x

  5. Well, I hate to be unoriginal, but before you even described that moment, I was thinking of it. I, too, had never experienced anything like that before. I grew up in a family where we all know without a doubt that we were loved, but it was never outwardly expressed much. No one ever articultaed the things that they loved about us. So this has been the start of an amazing journey for me and couldn't have happened at a better time in my life. I think it's awesome the way we have stayed in touch and how, even though most of you are in a different age group than I am, it seems to make no difference. Love to you and your family and all the lovely bloggers out there!!!

  6. single best moment was waching my 6 year old do her first lap in the adult pool...after watching her swim in the smaller pool and having her move up 3 levels in 2 months waching her for the first time compete and not win but her and I knew she won...she won in my eyes and better yet she won in her eyes because she did it...I just felt like the proudest mama ever....marry christ,as my sweet friend..

  7. What a beautiful family you have.

    You can do anything, I know it.

    Merry Christmas sweet friend.

    Love Renee xoxo

  8. hi dear sweet sister...i am going to hit send on this comment and call you. i hope you answer, but even if you don't, i know that i have a new beautiful heartwing sister out there who will ALWAYS be in my life. for that i am grateful. i think 2010 is going to be AMAZING! i am so excited to see what unfolds. i would have to say without hesitation that the single best moment was UNEARTH. it has opened doors in my creativity, my heart, my soul and my circle of amazingly beautiful, talented women. YOU being one of those my dear.
    i love you more than i can say.
    your family is so dang gorgeous.
    muah!!! kisses to all of you.

  9. I feel honored to have shared your best moment of 2009! There are so many moments. All bring up a myriad of emotions, good and bad. But the best? I'm going to have to go with the completion of my first triathlon. But not merely the fact that I finished the race...but that I actually ENJOYED it! And then getting the call that a spot opened for me in Unearth... Love ya!


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