Tuesday, November 16, 2010

...gratitude image day 16

i am grateful for these boots...
they have taken me down many a path!

they took me on many walks with beautiful
(where boots were a staple part of
many of our wardrobes...my goodness....so many great pairs!)

they ran me through an airport
to ensure i didn't miss
where i became utterly love drunk!

they've braved shopping with me,
walks with my little ones,
quiet strolls where i needed quiet and calm,
adventures into the unknown.

i look forward to going on many more dates
with these bad boys and cannot wait
to see what other paths we travel
down together.

how bout you...
do you have a fav pair of shoes you need
to show some gratitude too??



  1. haha!!! I love those boots too and YOU!

  2. Oh I've been planning on buying a cool pair of boots for awhile! And now that I saw your lovely boots I know I need a pair :)

    Right now I'm in flip flops I rhinestoned, and every now and then I find a rhinestone that popped off! It's like finding little bits of sparkly sunshine around the house :)

  3. As I was leaving work today, strolling to my car and listening to the clop, clop, clop of my weathered old cowboy boots on the pavement, I couldn't help but thinking about how much I love them. There's something about a great pair of boots -- almost like they have a soul of their own! Yours are absolutely amazing! It was really a treat to find your homage here today. Best, Jenn


i heart love notes....