Wednesday, November 17, 2010

...gratitude image day 17 & say whaaaaaaaaaat wednesdsay?

i am always grateful for my Wednesday
nights and the laughter this show brings me!
it is a great escape in the middle of the week.
it is a time my hubby and i relax on the 
couch and just veg out!

so...tell me

what tv show brings you some
escape from your "reality"??



  1. i like gossip girls, glee, and the big bang theory, though i only watch them when they come out on DVD (no TV). :)

    i tried modern family once and did not find it funny .. but i may have to try it again because so many people i know just love it. maybe i was having an off day or something.

  2. OMG! "Modern Family" is my very show on TV! I dont' watch much TV, but I wait for this one!!! I also like "Bored to Death" on HBO (I think). They completely amuse me and make me laugh out loud.

  3. I love 30 Rock, Glee and Mad Men.

  4. I'm actually a sitcom junkie and probably watch too much, but I think that fun escapes/distractions are good for overall health and happiness so I allow myself to freely indulge. I've decided that there will be no guilt involved with this particular pleasure.

  5. Kolleen you & I would get along so great between our music playlists and our Modern Family! I was just telling someone how I look forward to Wednesdays!!!! Hilarious... the Halloween episode was so me! :)

  6. LOVE,LOVE, LOVE Modern Family, beacause I can watch it with my daughters and it brings up lots and lots to talk about, extended family stuff I didn't grow up with....divorce, gay families, grandpa's getting re-married...they cover it all with humor. And lets face it, you HAVE to laugh to get through it all!!


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