Tuesday, November 23, 2010

...days 22 & 23

grateful for some time to begin a new painting

and grateful to have my tree up!!
this is a partial view from 
my little studio room
(it is the earliest i have ever put it up...
just wanted to enjoy it a little bit longer!)

look to your right....what do you see 
that you are grateful for??



  1. jackson was sitting to my right when i read this post!
    i am grateful for him.
    he is such a wonderful kid.
    he is my only red head out of 5.
    he is such a sweetheart and always helps me out.
    i LOVE hanging out with him...he.s so funny .
    i LOVE to watch him play football.
    his coach calls him "dynamite" because he is small but explosive!

    i can.t believe i get to hug you in 10 days.
    is something to be grateful for.

    love you sis

  2. i have a cup of coffee to my right.
    i am thankful for this first morning's cup...
    & for what all fills my cup...
    the love so near, so right, so true.

    oooooh, i want to see your painting closer!!!
    & kolleen! we're getting our tree this saturday!
    it IS early indeed! bring on the sparkle & lights!


  3. wow wow wow. i want to see more of that painting. I am so loving it.

    To my right. I am ever so grateful for the amazing pumpkin bread that michelle made. She is a goddess in the kitchen. I am so grateful for getting the change to enjoy this delicious creation.

  4. Ha - directly to my right I have a little portable heater that I am ever so grateful for since this is our coldest day so far. Brr - never made it out of the 50's. Now normally I would jump in the hottub, but with the workers outside.... well, I just don't think it's a good idea. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, sweet one!!


i heart love notes....