Monday, October 18, 2010

...still on a "high"

i have been home for a week and two days now
and still feel as if i am on a "high"
from the beautiful gift of

i am still on a high from....

planting my feet firmer into the
grounds of my friendships
blooming with these two gor-juss souls,

seeing first hand...
intricate details woven about with
so much love,

being fed like royalty....morning, noon and night
(is your mouth watering?!?!)

watching unconditional love at it's best amongst
a group of women who were ultimately strangers
walking into this incredible week,

finally coming face to face with one of my dear
soul sisters who i have blogged with for a LONG time...
it feels as if i have known Kelly forever,

being in a room FULL of anything and everything
you could imagine to create with....
(kid in a candy store would be an understatement)

observing beautiful friendships take flight,

bearing witness to the beginning stages of healing
due to love and safety and
truly being seen,

the sunrise in McCall, Idaho on the day
i had to leave this magical place,
(no touch ups to this photo AT was
breath taking)


i'm still on a high from simply being able to


and i can honestly say i watched a moment change
everything for many many women....i think they
would all agree when i say "we are all forever changed."



  1. Kolleen, you make me cry...your words and your pictures are all so beautiful. I just love you so much. I think your soul and mine are connected in heaven-I think we have been together before and will again. I do love you so very much! It feels like we've been together forever-I'm so thankful for that and for you! XO Always <3

  2. so wonderful to read that.. I feel the same way. I'm going out tonite for coffee w a friend of mine, and she wants to hear all about it.. ohhhh how do I even begin.... It will be so fun talking about it all and reliving every magical moment! Kolleen.. LOVED YOUR POST.. that sunrise was oh so beautiful! SO happy I went out there! xoxooxox hugs LOVE YOU

  3. Hello Dear Kolleen- Brave Girls Camp looks so amazing. I am so happy that this was a wonderful and memorable experience for you.
    I'm sure you and my sweet friend Chrissy lit the place up with your beautiful amazing spirits!

    Have a beautiful week!

  4. Oh you were just a state above sound's so wonderful. I could use that kind of camp.
    I have missed you girl. I am back, hope to hear from you.
    Love ya,

  5. You have the sweetest posts about Brave Girl's. I love to read them, and see your photos. That sunrise is AMAZING!

  6. Wow,what a fantastic experience you all had. It sounds like everyone's heart was touched in one way or another. And wishing you the best with your "just being" mode.

  7. what a beautiful post, so glad you gals had an amazing time!! did you create lots of pretties too?? there was lots of fun stuff to play with!!

  8. Sweetness in every word and every beautiful photo. Your "high" is infectious and spreading more joy today and always!!

    Love it!!!!!

  9. Kolleen, I love everything about this!! Sooo amazing the way you have depicted it. Funny, I was just reading my journal from last year at this time and your post reminds me of how I was feeling after coming home from Unearth one year ago. Wasn't that just the hugest catalyst?? Oh, I met Elena at Gloria's and heard more about Brave Girls. Small world!!

  10. I'm so excited to see your happy face and to hear how the trip went. now i wanna go so badly :-) These experiences we will cherish for a lifetime....just as your friendship. all my love,

  11. I can feel the bliss from here. Ahhhhhh. Love it.

  12. Every detail of your brave girls experience looks so amazing! Happy Happy for you!

  13. Just want you to know how special i think you are. I'm hoping, hoping,hoping to attend another artsy event with you. It wasn't enough time!
    You are beautiful!!!

  14. looks like such a wonderful experience, Kolleen. I hope to be able to attend one of these camps one day. Happy weekend!

  15. K
    well said.
    i love you
    am missing you

  16. How wonderful to be so embraced and be in an environment like this~

    Thanks for sharing; I look forward to hearing more how the magic stirred your heart!

    You are a BRAVE GIRL~ xXx

  17. so stunning. your photos speak volumes. you my dear are an incredibly brave girl! I adore you!


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