Thursday, November 4, 2010

day 4...gratitude image

imagine my surprise,
when i log into my email
and find this priceless treasure
awaiting me from a beautiful,
radiant, mega talented, fun loving,

i am SO grateful for Rachel
and our friendship.

she is infectious
and kind
and loving
and wise
and fun
and talented
beyond measure
and more and more and more....
(i truly could go on and on!)

Rachel created this sweet art for me
inspired by a story i shared with her about
my youngest daughter Sydnie.

years ago when Sydnie would say
"i love you mom".
sometimes i would ask
"How much?"
and one time she answered "one".
i frowned a bit and as time went on,
she realized that one was pretty low
on the number she would get
higher and higher.
i love you 16.
i love you 68.
i love you 101.
i love you 1074.

until one night she looked at me
and said...

"mom, i love you the last number."

my cup runneth over!!

what does day 4 gratitude look like for you?


thank you Rachel....for YOU!!


  1. that is oh so special!
    here is mine,

  2. oh how i looooove this story!
    & your post just lifted my heart/
    it seems to be a story that
    keeps on giving!
    loooooooooove to you.xoxox

  3. amazing. you, sydnie, rachel, the story, the drawing. i love it all!

  4. dude. you are so screwed for tomorrow because this one blew the lid off your gratitude series. you gotta pace yourself! love to you!

  5. this is beautiful! isn.t rachel the bestest! i remember when you shared this story with me and it landed in a perfect little spot in my i have a wonderful illustration to tuck in beside it.
    love you so much sis.
    (and our rachel too!)

  6. Awwww, that is super lovely. :) Sydnie sounds such a sweetie too. :)

  7. I think I just might love you the highest number too!!!

    You are a great mom and a great friend. I am thankful for you today, and count you as one of my many blessings. ox

  8. Oh yes I absolutely SWOON OVER Rachel's work!

  9. I love this; So cute and heart felt! Children hold so much magic~ Thanks for sharing!xXx

  10. Oh, I remember you sharing that story! It was amazing as a story and now even more amazing as ART! To infinity and beyond!!!!!

  11. such a sweet story. and how wonderful to have another way to remember it.

  12. This story pretty much breaks my heart because it is so sweet. I love you and Rachel and Sydnie- all of it. Wow Kolleen. I am totally blasted with love having spent time on your blog. You are a gift.


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